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Inside Microsoft's Quincy Cloud Farm (Continued)

We continue our photo feature offering a first look at the new design of Microsoft's new modular "cloud farm" data center in Quincy, Washington. See page one for more images.

Diagram of Microsoft IT PAC modular data center design.

In this image, the modular components are labeled to illustrate how they will fit together into a single unit. The evaporative cooling unit and mixing chamber (at right) create additional cooling options for the air handling unit (AHU) atop the IT container. The mixing chamber is designed to mix waste heat from the servers with fresh air, regulating the air temperature delivered to the servers on cold days.

Microsoft quincy data center IT PAC units.

The containers on the left shows what the PAC assembly looks like once the evaporative cooling module is joined with the IT PAC.


An end view of the pre-assembled component (PAC) modules at the Microsoft data center in Quincy, Washington.