Top 5 Data Center White Papers

Here are the top 5 data center white paper for April, 2011 from the Data Center Knowledge White Paper Library:

Kevin Normandeau

April 30, 2011

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Here are the top 5 data center white paper for April, 2011 from the Data Center Knowledge White Paper Library:

Case Studies on Data Center Virtualization
Ongoing power and cooling costs are forcing many data center operators to look for ways to reduce costs and tackle the complexity of their legacy IT infrastructures. One way many organizations attack this problem, as highlighted in this white paper from HP is to consolidate the existing number of systems, using virtualization.

Power Monitoring for Modern Data Centers
Modern data center power monitoring systems look nothing like the basic electricity meters from which they evolved. Today’s systems comprise sophisticated metering devices, communication networks and software. This brief white paper from Schneider Electric looks at the evolution of the data center monitoring systems and outlines several key guidelines for deployment.

2011 US Data Center Market DriversThe forecast for the US data center market calls for significant growth in 2011 and 2012 according to a study recently completed by Digital Realty Trust. Each year they survey over 300 executives at large US companies about their business and data center needs. The findings in this white paper are impressive.

Guide to Risk Mitigation for Financial Services
An unplanned interruption can have a significant impact on operations, revenue and reputation. And it doesn’t have to be a fire, flood or hurricane to be a disaster. In fact, what’s more likely are events that are less dramatic but still have the potential to seriously disrupt your business. An accidentally cut cable, a security breach, a crashed server. Any of these might shut down your data center. To help prepare your data center for such disaster I’d recommend you read this Strategy Guide to Business Risk Mitigation for the Financial Services Industry from IDG, HP and Intel.

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)
A new category of tools called Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) has been a hot topic at many of the recent data center conferences. This white paper from Raritan explains the many facets of Data Center Infrastructure Management, and the benefits of a DCIM solution.

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