Top 5 Data Center Stories, Week of Feb. 23

The Week in Review: Valuing shares of public data center companies, Texas and Virginia work on tax incentives, 365 Main focuses on the local customer, and Amazon introduces a potentially disruptive new cloud management tool.

Rich Miller

February 23, 2013

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Top 5 Data Center Stories, Week of Feb. 23



Financial considerations and data centers were in focus this week, as Texas and Virginia weighed tax incentives, and Wall Street pondered the value of data center shares.

For your weekend reading, here’s a recap of five noteworthy stories that appeared on Data Center Knowledge this past week. Enjoy!

Wall Street Debates How to Value Data Center Stocks - Last Saturday Barron’s followed up on a slide in Rackspace shares by taking a critical look at the methods used to value data center companies on Wall Street. That kicked off a series of articles in the financial press and blogosphere debating the merit of data center investments. Here’s a review of this week’s action.

Fighting Back: Big Data Center States Push for More Tax Incentives - Financial incentives have been popular among states looking to build a reputation as data center destinations, and to compete with neighboring states. It looks like the growth of incentives is now prompting the traditional data center hubs to beef up their tax breaks. Both Virginia and Texas, already two of the most active data center markets, have recently passed or are working on bills to attract more of these high-tech facilities.

365 Main: Embracing the Server Hugger - 365 Main has re-entered the data center business as a "national player with a local focus." Its initial footprint consists of 16 former Equinix in second-tier markets, an area where the 365 Main team sees lots of opportunity.

Amazon OpsWorks: Empowering and Disrupting - This week Amazon Web Services got the attention of the cloud computing community with its announcement of OpsWorks, which provides new configuration and automation features for applications housed on AWS. Here's a look at the notable analysis and commentary from around the web.

SoftLayer and the Intricacies of Asia-Pac Expansion - Expansion decisions aren’t simple in the Asia-Pacific region, as providers must weigh multiple variables in audience and operating environment before investing millions of dollars in a new location. An interesting case study is provided by SoftLayer Technologies, one of the world’s largest hosting providers.

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