Top 5 Data Center Stories, Week of August 22nd

Here's a look at some of the most popular stories on Data Center Knowledge this week.

Bri Pennington

August 23, 2014

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Top 5 Data Center Stories, Week of August 22nd
Oregon Health and Science University’s dome-shaped data center in Beaverton, Oregon, can support up to 25 kW per rack without a single chiller or CRAH unit. (Photo: OHSU)

For your weekend reading, we present a recap of five noteworthy stories that appeared on Data Center Knowledge this past week.

Geodesic Dome Makes Perfect Data Center Shell in Oregon - Used to build everything from a planetarium in post-WWI Germany to mobile yoga studios at outdoor festivals today, the geodesic dome has proven to be a lasting concept for highly stable structures of any size. Structural stability is a valued goal in data center design, but the idea of building a data center shell using a spherical skeleton that consist of great circles intersecting to form a series of triangles – the most stable shape we know of – is novel.

Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Struggles with Service Outages Monday - Microsoft Azure team updated its uptime status around 3 p.m. Pacific to “Partial Service Interruption” after reporting “Full Service Interruption” in multiple regions of the cloud infrastructure earlier in the day.

VMware Buys CloudVolumes, Which Divorces Application from OS - VMware has bought CloudVolumes, a startup whose software makes an application independent from the underlying operating system deployed on a virtual machine. The idea is to abstract all underlying infrastructure, including the OS, to enable the application to be moved from one environment to another instantaneously.

OVH Drops 10,000-Server Container Into Montreal Data Center - OVH is adding capacity to its data center just outside of Montreal using a container with 10,000 servers. The European hosting giant opened the facility last year to serve North American customers. It now touts 50,000 hosting customers in the region and is adding 10,000 additional servers to meet the demand.

The Ten Most Common Cooling Mistakes Data Center Operators Make - While data center operators are generally a lot better at cooling management than they were ten years ago, many facilities still face issues that prevent them from either using their full capacity or wasting energy.

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