Top 5 Data Center Cartoons of 2012

As the year draws to a close, we offer a re-cap of the readers' favorite cartoons featuring Kip and Gary in their usual data center antics. Have a bit of a chuckle recalling 2012's most popular cartoons!

Colleen Miller

December 20, 2012

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Tall Cabinet


This time of the year is the season for "Best of 2012" and "Top Stories" postings. We thought that our readers might enjoy a re-cap of  the antics of their favorite cartoon characters, Kip and Gary, and have a bit of a chuckle at the year's best cartoons!

For those who are not familiar, Data Center Knowledge runs a "Friday Funny" cartoon, created by Diane Alber, and asks our readers to submit funny captions. You can see more of Diane's work on

We have assembled the cartoons that folks submitted the most caption suggestions for this year. The number one winner was the "tall cabinets" cartoon above. Enjoy!

Tall Cabinets



Click to enlarge cartoon.

In this comic, Kip and Gary get a random cabinet that goes all the way to the ceiling. I’m not sure what they are going to do with it.


Raised Floor



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“It’s something you don’t think about very often, but there are some cases where the raised floor can’t take the weight load that you are putting in the cabinet. When you’re relocating cabinets and your floor buckles, sending all your IT equipment crashing to the floor … it’s not a good situation!


Energy Saver
Kip and Gary - Biker Energy?


Kip has decided he is going to try and achieve two goals at once - exercising and saving energy. We're just not sure how successful he is going to be.

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Special Delivery!



Click to enlarge.

Diane writes, “I’ve heard the term ‘pizza box servers’ a couple of times when people talk about the regular servers in a rack. So I couldn’t help but do a comic about it! ” Please add your caption suggestions for what the Kip is telling Gary.

Going Modular


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Our artist writes: “Is a modular data center green? I think so! Well in this comic anyway… I decided to combine the flexibility of a modular data center and the demand of going green and Viola!"

CSC offers Diane's 2013 Kip and Gary Data Center Comic Calendar for free. You can pre-order one through Diane's site.

We invite our readers to share their favorite comic or caption of this year or all time in the comments below. Feel free to suggest ideas for 2013, too. May you have a great holiday season and a New Year filled with laughter.

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