Top 10 Data Center Stories of the Month: May 2015

Here are some of the most popular stories that ran on Data Center Knowledge in May

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Top 10 Data Center Stories of the Month: May 2015
Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos (Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images)

Here are some of the most popular stories that ran on Data Center Knowledge in May.

Amazon Piloting Tesla Batteries to Power Cloud Data Center - The Tesla energy storage systems are based on the powertrain architecture and components of Tesla electric vehicles.

CoreOS Gives Up Control of Non-Docker Linux Container Standard - Becoming a more formalized open source project, the App Container (appc) community now has a governance policy and has added a trio of top software engineers that work on infrastructure at Google, Twitter, and Red Hat as “community maintainers.”


Facebook's cold storage data center in Prineville, Oregon (Photo: Facebook)

How Facebook Cut 75 Percent of Power It Needs to Store Your #tbt Photos - Two Facebook data centers designed and built specifically to store copies of all user photos and videos started serving production traffic. Because they were optimized from the ground up to act as “cold storage” data centers for a very specific function, Facebook was able to substantially reduce its data center energy consumption and use less expensive equipment for storage.

Microsoft Investing In Submarine Cables In Support Of Cloud - etter connectivity helps Microsoft compete on cloud costs, as well as improves reliability, performance and resiliency worldwide. The investments also spur jobs and local economies.


Hibernia Express, a high-capacity subsea transatlantic cable, is expected to be ready for service in September 2015 (Image: Hibernia Networks)

Google’s Wholesale Move To Cloud and Take On Security Make Cloud Apps Enterprise-Friendly - Google is reportedly moving all of its internal corporate applications to a cloud model. So far, 90 percent of Google’s corporate applications have migrated. With that shift to cloud comes a shift in the way the company approaches and thinks about security. Gone is the idea of the cordoned-off enterprise.

QTS Buys Government Cloud Heavyweight Carpathia for $326M - Growing its government cloud business has been a major focus for QTS in recent years. The acquisition will strengthen that part of the strategy and enhance overall geographic footprint and variety of services the Overland Park, Kansas-based company can provide.

vXchnge Buys Eight Sungard Facilities in Edge Data Center Markets - vXchnge expands its edge data center footprint while Sungard AS frees up capital to invest into other cities. The data centers largely house colocation customers, according to Sungard AS.

HP Lets Loose Horde of New Servers - Many of the management concepts and constructs that were originally developed for blade servers are now being applied to traditional rack servers, which one day may lead to a unification of at least how different server platforms get managed across the data center.


Wearable technology will turn data center workers into walking, talking encyclopedias of data center knowledge, according to Compass CEO Chris Crosby. (Image: Compass Datacenters)

Compass Bringing Wearable Technology to the Data Center - The company is outfitting data center workers with a combination of high-tech visors and other key technology that steers them through maintenance and other standard operating procedures.

Microsoft Intros Azure Stack for Private Data Centers - Unlike home versions of game shows, Azure Stack is the real thing: customers can run the same technology behind Microsoft’s public cloud offering in their own private data center.

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