Top 10 Data Center Stories of the Month: June 2018

Here are the most popular stories that appeared on Data Center Knowledge in June

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Rendering of the future Facebook data center in Huntsville, Alabama
Rendering of the future Facebook data center in Huntsville, AlabamaFacebook

Facebook to Build $750M Data Center in Huntsville, Alabama - The city’s tech-job market is growing, while the cost of living and energy rates are low.

The World’s 10 Fastest Supercomputers – in Pictures - US has regained the top spot on Top500, a biannually updated list of the world’s fastest supercomputers

IBM, Nvidia Build “World’s Fastest Supercomputer” for US Government - The DOE’s new Summit system features a unique architecture that combines HPC and AI computing capabilities.


Project Natick’s Northern Isles data center is partially submerged and cradled by winches and cranes between the pontoons of an industrial catamaran-like gantry barge. At the deployment site, a cable containing fiber optic and power wiring was attached to the Microsoft data center, and then the data center and cable lowered foot-by-foot 117 feet to the seafloor.

Why Microsoft Thinks Underwater Data Centers May Cost Less - It’s not as wild an idea as it may appear. Project Natick lead Ben Cutler explained to us why he thinks so.

AT&T Sells 31 Data Centers to Brookfield for $1.1B - he assets and operations being sold comprise AT&T’s data center colocation business


Inside the Equinix DC12 data center in Ashburn, Virginia

Equinix Lays Out Its Strategy for Global Dominance - Two themes emerged from Analyst Day: a global interconnection fabric and a balance sheet that can be weaponized


Outside-air inlets of the Facebook data center in Forest City, North Carolina

Facebook’s New Data Center Cooling Design Means It Can Build in More Places - Water-efficient system developed to enable outside-air cooling in polluted, humid areas


Juniper CTO Says His Rivals Got Automation All Wrong - And he should know. Before joining Juniper Networks about 10 months ago, Bikash Koley spent 10 years building what’s probably the world’s largest hyperscale cloud, also known as Google.

HPE and DOE Partner to Build Largest ARM-Based Supercomputer - The National Nuclear Security Administration will use the system for national security, energy, and science purposes

HPE: $4 Billion Says Intelligent Edge is the Future of Computing - The money will be spent on developing technology and services to enable an edge-to-cloud architecture of the future, where most of the data generated by connected devices is processed at the edge.

And for the real nerds, here's the list of 10 most popular stories that appeared on DCK during the same month exactly 10 years ago:

  1. A Look Inside Wikipedia's Infrastructure

  2. Explosion at The Planet Causes Major Outage

  3. Digital Beijing: The Olympic Data Center

  4. 'Extensive' Damage at The Planet's Data Center

  5. Data Center Tour: The NAP of the Capital Region

  6. Lessons Learned from The Planet's Outage

  7. Failure Rates in Google Data Centers

  8. A Look at IBM's Data Center Container

  9. Generator Failure Slows The Planet's Recovery

  10. Gates: We'll Have 'Many Millions' of Servers

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