Top 10 Data Center Stories, March 2015

Here are some of the most popular stories Data Center Knowledge published in March

Yevgeniy Sverdlik

April 3, 2015

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Top 10 Data Center Stories, March 2015
Las Vegas Boulevard (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Here are some of the most popular articles Data Center Knowledge published in March:

ViaWest Accused of Misleading Customers in Las Vegas - The accusation is that ViaWest has been advertising its Las Vegas data center as a Tier IV facility, when in fact it was not constructed to Tier IV standards.

Five Ways Next-Gen Data Centers Will Be Different from Today's - With so much new cloud data traversing the data center – and the increased number of users utilizing cloud services – what will the next-generation data center resemble?

This Startup Challenges the ‘Data Center Aisle’ Concept - Vapor Chamber reduces the amount of space needed for cooling traditional data centers. The six racks are wedge-shaped, forming a cylinder when put together.


Visualization of a warehouse filled with Vapor Chambers (Image: Vapor IO)

How Microsoft Got Rid of the Big Data Center UPS - The company now builds what essentially is a mini-UPS directly into each server chassis – an approach it has dubbed Local Energy Storage.

Wall Street Rethinking Data Center Hardware - BofA is only one example of a U.S. financial services giant considering the big changeover. Other Wall Street heavyweights are either testing the waters with Open Compute gear, preparing to buy it wholesale, or are already running it in production.

Facebook Makes Open Source Networking a Reality - If somebody wants to build a custom data center network using open source hardware and software, they now have access to just about every part of the stack, save for some software programming work that is still required.


Najam Ahmad, director of network engineering, Facebook (Photo: Facebook)

Equinix Expanding Global Data Center Footprint - New data centers in New York, Toronto, London, Singapore, and Australia—all key global financial and network interconnection hubs—will contribute close to a half-million square feet to the Equinix data center footprint this year.

VMware Loses $1.6B Government Cloud Contract After Protests - DISA did not give a reason for canceling the deal, but the protests coupled with the lack of a bidding process most likely contributed to the decision.

Private OpenStack Cloud Replaces VMware at PayPal - Close to 100 percent of traffic running through PayPal web and API applications, as well as mid-tier services, is now served by the company’s own private OpenStack cloud.

CenturyLink Lights up First Cloud Data Center in Asia - This is the first location in Asia for CenturyLink’s cloud infrastructure, although the company has been providing other services in the region for years.

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