Best of the Data Center Blogs: May 31st

This week's notable analysis and commentary on the data center realm comes from Akamai Chief Architect Erik Nygren, SoftLayer CTO Duke Skarda, AOL CTO of Services Mike Manos, Phoenix NAP Director of Strategy Jordan Jacobs, and Vigilent's Dan Mascola.

Rich Miller

May 31, 2012

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Here’s a roundup of some interesting items we came across this week in our reading of data center industry blogs. What's intriguing about this week's blogs is the number of posts from C-suite executives:

  • Launching Forward with IPv6 - Akamai Chief Architect Erik Nygren shares an update on IPv6: "I'm optimistic that IPv6 adoption is on the verge of gaining real traction, and the upcoming World IPv6 Launch event on June 6th will be a milestone. As part of World IPv6 Launch, many large websites (including quite a few Akamai customer sites) are permanently enabling access over IPv6. A more complete transition is going to take well over a decade, but with IPv6 access for both more content and more end-users, we are making progress towards that goal."

  • What Does Automation Look Like?- At the Inner Layer, SoftLayer Chief Technology Officer Duke Skarda writes: "What if we wanted to show what automation actually looks like? It seems like a silly question to ask. If our automated platform is powered by software built by the SoftLayer development team, there’s no easy way to show what that automation looks like … At least not directly. While the bits and bytes aren’t easily visible, the operational results of automation are exceptionally photogenic. Let’s take a look at a few examples of what automation enables to get an indirect view of what it actually looks like."

  • Sites and Sounds of DataCentre2012 - At Loose Bolts, AOL CTO of Services Mike Manos provides a conference summation: "Today marked the closing lot of sessions for DataCentres2012 and my keynote session to the attendees. After sitting through a series of product, technology, and industry trend presentations over the last two days I was feeling that my conversation would at the very least be something different. Before I get to that – I wanted to share some observations from the morning."

  • Different Ways to Visualize Temperature Data - At Data Center Huddle, Vigilent's Dan Mascola rounds up 6 days of posts on different views of the same data: "For the past 6 days, you have seen different visualizations of the same set of temperature data displayed and organized in different ways. Depending on how the data is presented, new and different types of meaning can be derived. Below is a table showing the actionable pieces of information obtained from the data and which visual most effectively provided the insight."

  • Why Own Your Servers? - Phoenix NAP Director of Strategy Jordan Jacobs writes on the company blog: "Deciding whether to own your servers is a big decision. And in many instances, the business need or project needs to be taken into account. For instance, an emergency project may be better suited to a cloud solution, whereas a major expansion could be a good case for dedicated hosting. Today we are going to focus on why its important to evaulate your current situation and take a closer look at owning your servers."

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