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Editor's Note: An Introduction and Vision of What's to Come

A note of introduction from Data Center Knowledge Senior Editor Lisa D. Sparks

Photo courtesy of subject. All rights reserved.Data Center Knowledge Senior Editor Lisa D. Sparks wearing an updo, black evening dress, and a purple necklace

Lisa D. Sparks


When asked to introduce myself to Data Center Knowledge’s readership, I felt humility and exhilaration. The data center industry remains one of mystery to many outside our realm. The only outage that resonates come from a favorite streaming service, browser, or search engine. 

Many of us like it that way, a secret cabal of experts quietly running the engine of information around the globe. Things cannot remain this way if the data center industry is to thrive and be prepared for the interconnection needs of existing and emerging superpowers and high-population markets such as China and India. 

To remain relevant, strong, and progressive the industry looks to diversify, which is great. As a Black woman, I’ve benefited in part from some of these initiatives. I’ve also experienced challenges that stem from the industry’s unfortunate legacy of microaggressions, such as the naming of connections as ‘master / slave.’ The injection of diverse talent into the industry has helped to turn the tide on these subtle signs that made underrepresented groups feel, well, unwelcome. 

As we turn the page on the industry’s history, we see an emerging trend of sincere efforts to embrace a diversity of voices. My appointment as senior editor of this publication offers a clear example of this shift. 

Coverage in Data Center Knowledge, through my leadership and that of the entire network of Informa resources, will center on practical applications and interpretations of news, trends, and developments in the data center industry. You may notice a few changes to coverage in the coming weeks and months, with a focus on answering the question, “What does this mean for my day-to-day activities within the data center ecosystem?’ Our coverage will seek to answer that question with every story, every selection of a news item, and every interview.

The shift may be subtle at first, but we hope eventually it will be noticeable. Watch this space. Most importantly, remain vocal in your opinion of our coverage of the industry. We want to hear from you. We want to better understand the decisions you make every day. We want to be your trusted advisor as you make those decisions. 

Let us know when we hit the mark and, hopefully, on those rare moments when we don’t.  

My name is Lisa D. Sparks. I’m now the Senior Editor of Data Center Knowledge. Nice to meet you. – L

P.S. – You’ll find my LinkedIn profile here and my bio here. It’s no fun talking about myself. I’ll say that I’m experienced in covering all types of technology and have been working in IT journalism and marketing for the last 15 years. My perspective centers around fair, objective coverage of this dynamic industry. I look forward to serving and learning with you. 

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