Industry Perspectives: Thought Leadership
Industry Perspectives: Thought Leadership

Jan 10, 2022

Industry Perspectives is an editorial content channel at Data Center Knowledge, highlighting thought leadership in the data center arena. It provides industry professionals with the opportunity to contribute articles sharing their insight and expertise with our audience. More than 350,000 data center professionals visit Data Center Knowledge each month to stay informed as they plan, design, build, equip and manage world-class data centers.

Our focus is education and thought leadership, rather than marketing and vendor-centric prose. This is an opportunity to share your expertise or prompt discussion on important issues facing the data center industry.

How to submit a column idea for consideration?

Summary - Send us a short synopsis or outline of your proposed column. Upon approval, you can proceed to drafting the full column.

In one or two sentences, answer each of the following five questions:

  • What is the article’s essential message?

  • Is the article raising an important industry issue that’s not already widely talked about?

  • If the issue addressed in the article widely talked about, is the article looking at the issue from a fresh and unique angle?

  • Is the article proposing an innovative technological solution that isn’t already on the market and if so, what is the innovation?

  • Does the article in any way describe/pitch a product or a service sold by a company the author is associated with?

Column requirements

Submissions need to be original, not published in print or online anywhere elseIndustry Perspectives submissions are for the use of Data Center Knowledge and its readers. While you’re welcome to write on the same topic elsewhere, posts that appear on Industry Perspectives should not appear in the same form on other websites, blogs or publications. Once in communication with us about a publication date, please refrain from submitting the content elsewhere. In other words, we do not accept simultaneous submissions.

Word count - Submissions can be as long as is needed to convey the core message, but 500 to 750 words is a good target length. Maximum is approximately 1,000.

Photo - Send us a separate JPEG file of the author's photo. We need this because each Industry Perspectives article includes the author’s head shot and bio. We need a brief, one-line bio.

Graphics - We welcome graphics that illustrate your column. PNG format works best for charts or graphs with text in them.

Scheduling - We typically publish within a few weeks of receipt of the full column, but this depends on volume. Please refrain from any attempts to align the column publish time with any marketing activities the author's company may be undertaking with DCK or otherwise. Industry Perspectives is an editorial content channel operated independently from our advertising and content marketing services.

Bio - Please include a one-line bio of the author.

Submissions are welcome on any topic, but we are particularly keen on content related to these areas:

  • IT architecture

  • Hybrid cloud

  • Compute

  • Networking

  • Storage

  • AI infrastructure

  • Big Data storage and management

  • Data center design

  • Energy

  • Site selection

  • Regulation

The quality of a contributed article is the most important factor. We will not publish submissions that do not meet the guidelines and criteria outlined on this page. We are also likely to edit submissions for length or clarity.

To see the columns we have published, view our Knowledge Library

Contact us via email

If you or your company are interested in participating in Industry Perspectives, please email [email protected] with any questions and/or a description of your submission proposal. Use “Industry Perspectives” in the subject line of your email.