Video: Jay Adelson on the Early Days of Equinix

Rich Miller

February 26, 2013

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"It was a crazy time." That comment sums up the experience of Jay Adelson, co-founder of Equinix, describing the effort to build the first major colocation provider. Adelson, known to many for his role in creating the news portal Digg, founded Equinix in 1998 with the late Al Avery. Adelson and Avery had worked at Digital Equipment Corp., and saw the need for carrier-neutral facilities where companies could interconnect their networks. The attractiveness of that business model, along with its early-mover advantage, made Equinix a key player in the data center sector. In this video from the Equinix Interconnections blog, Adelson discusses the company's history and progress. "Equinix is the most powerful Internet infrastructure company in the world," said Adelson. "It's a powerful position. But you can use that position of power to make a diffference, and to enable the Internet in places it's never been before." Adelson also cited the power of culture at Equinix, and the connections that resulted. "At the time I left, there had been 17 marriages of people who met at Equinix," he says. This video runs

For additional background on the history of Equinix, see the Vision & History area of the company web site.

For more news about Equinix, please see our Equinix Channel. For additional video, check out our DCK video archive and the Data Center Videos channel on YouTube.

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