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Top Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Solutions: the 2017 Edition

Things are changing rapidly in the hyper-converged infrastructure space. Here’s what you need to know today.

I love working with converged (CI) and hyper-converged (HCI) infrastructure technologies. These types of data center systems have allowed administrators from all sorts of environments realize some big benefits when it comes to optimization and architecture.

First, it’s important to define and understand HCI and note that there are numerous similarities between HCI and CI environments. Both are deployed as blocks, and both converge critical resources to deliver higher levels of density. However, the biggest difference comes in how these environments are managed. In HCI, the management layer (storage for example) is controlled at the virtual layer. Specifically, HCI incorporates a virtual appliance that runs within the cluster. This virtual controller runs on each node within the cluster to ensure better failover capabilities, resiliency, and uptime.

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