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Racks of servers powered by Tensor Processing Units (TPUs), Google's custom processors for machine learning Alphabet
Racks of servers powered by Tensor Processing Units (TPUs), Google's custom processors for machine learning

Top 10 Data Center Stories of the Month: July 2017

Here are the most popular stories that appeared on Data Center Knowledge in July:

Machine Learning Tools are Coming to the Data Center – You need more than sensors to monitor modern data center infrastructure, and a new generation of applications aims to fill the gap by applying machine learning to IoT sensor networks.

When Clouds Break: the Hidden Dangers of Cloud Computing – The decision between using a public cloud versus owning your own infrastructure is not so different than deciding between renting and a buying a home. It is a choice between controlling your own environment versus living within someone else’s domain. The home owner (or public cloud provider) reaps the benefits of equity gains while the renter continues to pay someone else’s mortgage.

10 Things Every CIO Must Know about Their Data Centers – While data centers aren’t necessarily something CIOs think about on a daily basis, there are some essential things every executive in this role must know about their organization’s data center operations. They all have to do with data center outages, past and future ones.

VMware, Once the “Easiest Value Proposition in IT,” Defines Its New Role – At VMware, a company that about a decade ago enjoyed selling the “easiest value proposition in IT history,” staying relevant today, in a world where most enterprise applications are already running on virtual machines, and where companies have a constantly expanding universe of infrastructure options for their software, never stops being a work in progress.

Switch Offers to Build Custom-Size Data Centers Anywhere Clients Choose – The Las Vegas-based data center provider that has traditionally been focused on building large, multi-tenant data center campuses, is now also offering to build single-user data centers of custom size, wherever customers need them, using the same patented design elements used to build its massive campuses.


Switch's Las Vegas 10 data center

US Ban on Its Data Center Switches a Setback for Arista – at Least a Temporary One – While it’s unclear how long the ban will stay in effect, it is at least a temporary setback for Arista, which has made inroads in the lucrative $10.4 billion data center networking equipment market. It’s been especially successful in selling to hyper-scale data center operators.

Oracle Wants Its Cloud to Grow Inside Your Data Centers – Taking a different approach to hybrid cloud than some of its biggest competitors, Oracle has substantially beefed up the capabilities of its on-premises cloud product called Oracle Cloud at Customer. It gives companies the ability to use its cloud services but have them run inside their own data centers.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Oracle Co-CEO Mark Hurd speaking at Oracle Open World in September 2013 in San Francisco. Hurd was then the company's president

You Can Now Earn a Bachelors in Data Center Facilities Engineering – Developed after lengthy consultations with Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, the Sligo, Ireland-based school said the studies will focus on traditional enterprise data center practices with the hopes of graduating a class ready and able to help fill the skills gap in technology management and operation of data center facilities.

The Peculiarities of High-Availability Data Center Design on a Cruise Ship – Much like a big hotel, a cruise ship usually has a data center onboard to provide digital services. While a data center on a ship is similar to one in a hotel – both have servers, storage, and networking gear to run software – there are some differences.

TUI Cruises

GoDaddy Drops Curtain on Its Cloud Business… Again – You’re probably thinking, “GoDaddy is in the public cloud business?” Therein might lie the problem.

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