Expert Reveals the Latest Variable Capacity Technology

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Expert Reveals the Latest Variable Capacity Technology

Cooling data centers and other mission-critical environments is an ever-changing challenge. Doing so in an energy efficient manner is an even bigger challenge. Today the CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioning) units in use at most facilities rely on mechanically-modulating fixed speed or fixed capacity components. Although these units provide
adequate climate control, they do so at a cost. Because the compressor, fans and other vital parts are either fully on or fully off, air cooling units based on this old technology must constantly cycle through the on/off mode in order to reach the desired end result. This consumes a lot of energy, and creates a great deal of wear and tear on the parts themselves. Learn about a better solution in this white paper.

To understand the inherent problem with mechanically modulating compressors and other components, imagine if vehicles operated this way. What if in order to maintain speed you had to keep your foot on the gas, run your car engine flat out, but keep switching gears between neutral and drive? Not only would this waste a lot of fuel, it would also be extremely hard on the car.

Download this white paper today to learn about gForce Ultra CRAC equipment, the latest variable capacity technology to lower energy usage and increase reliability.

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