3 Key Ways to Increase Energy Efficiency in Your Data Center

Optimizing your data center is always important, find out three great ways to increase energy efficiency in your environment.

Bill Kleyman

May 13, 2014

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3 Key Ways to Increase Energy Efficiency in Your Data Center
The view from under the solar array, which faces south and is angled to capture sunlight.

It’s time to go green. Every data center is looking to cut power consumption, while maintaining the highest level of service. But achieving real energy efficiency is easier said than done. Sprawling and convoluted infrastructures make it hard to discern power usage effectiveness (PUE) and data center infrastructure efficiency (DCIE). Data centers end up “flying blind” when it comes to really understanding and optimizing power consumption.

Let’s pause for a second and take a quick quiz: How many of these functions related to energy management can you currently perform?

  • Align power delivered to SLA performance.

  • Know which rack has the required amount of power to handle new equipment.

  • Identify trapped capacity along the power chain.

  • Identify unnecessarily powered idle equipment.

  • Have nameplate, derated and actual power consumption documented.

  • Receive real-time alerts when capacity thresholds are exceeded.

  • Recognize consumption at each point in the power chain.

  • Manage power based on current capacity model, actual consumption and projected growth/need.

In this whitepaper from Emerson, we are able to learn about the key guidelines that can help you better understand and manage your power consumption. The conversation includes topics around:

  • Creating a comprehensive inventory model of your data center

  • Making the power chain visible

  • Continuously, proactively, monitoring your data center

  • Much more!

Here’s the reality: Achieving optimal energy efficiency requires detailed understanding about the data center’s power chain. As your data center continues to evolve, there will be even more requirements to monitor and control critical resources. In this case, creating powerful energy efficiencies not only creates cost savings – it also allows your platform to continuously run more optimally.

Download this whitepaper today to see how with the right tools – you’re able to deliver comprehensive, real-time data about resources, their relationships and dependencies, and how you can better calculate power consumption to ensure the lowest PUE at optimal availability. Furthermore, it’s always critical to understand true capacity to improve planning and resource allocation; as well as optimize the use of existing assets to reduce energy costs and comply with green initiatives while delivering the highest level of service.

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