Violin Beefs Up All-Flash Arrays With Dedupe, Compression

The new Concerto 2200 Data Reduction solution brings advanced data management capabilities to Violin 6000 and 7000 arrays.

John Rath

August 21, 2014

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Violin Beefs Up All-Flash Arrays With Dedupe, Compression
Violin Memory’s 6000 series all-Flash array. (Photo: Violin Memory)

Violin Memory announced a new Concerto 2200 Data Reduction solution, adding data deduplication and compression capabilities to its all-flash Violin 6000 and 7000 arrays. As an extension of its all-flash array solutions the company says the new data reduction offering will deliver up to 672 terabytes of usable storage, with deduplication rates commonly between 6:1 and 10:1.

Multiple workload environments

Deduplication is an essential element to storage requirements that will help maximize capacities for the enterprise with this new offering. It also brings Violin up to par with competitors that have this feature already in their product.  The company aims to give maximum performance and capacity improvements for customers with virtualized environments, and this new solution achieves that through granular control at the file, share and share group level.

“Granular, inline deduplication and compression are powerful tools for customers to maximize storage efficiency while optimizing performance at the application level,” said Eric Herzog, chief marketing officer and senior vice president of alliances at Violin. “We see competitors who offer ‘always on’ deduplication and compression, but we know that, depending on the customers’ workloads, performance may suffer as a result of the ‘always on’ approach.” 

The deduplication and compression features are initially targeted at Virtual Desktop (VDI) and Virtual Server (VSI) infrastructure. The company says that its Concerto 2200 dashboard will present the critical information on data reduction rates so that customers can see the effective rate of deduplication on their workload and use that information to remove the shares from deduplication, or add additional similar workloads that will benefit from data reduction. 

“Violin Memory’s new Concerto 2200 array update with inline deduplication capabilities brings value to customers with performance and capacity improvements for workload demands," Randy Kerns, senior strategist at the Evaluator Group, said. "Combining the tier one all-flash array performance with features for scalable virtualization implementations, Violin has a solution for enterprises to improve their economics.”

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