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Phoenix Contact Demos clipx WIRE Assist

At Data Center World 2023, Phoenix Contact explained how its clipx WIRE Assist system works.

In this video, Giannis Buchner of Phoenix Contact provides a step-by-step explanation of wire preparation and wiring processes using the clipx WIRE Assist.

The transcript follows below. Minor edits have been made for clarity.


STEP 1: Wire Prep and Wiring

Giannis Buchner: So, here in the visualization, we see everything we need to know to do the wire preparation and the wiring. So, it starts with the color of the wire, the length, and the cross-section. We also have the labeling information for the source and for the target site. And at the end of the wire, you see here we have to apply an insulated ferrule. We have all the information we need to do the wire preparation and the wiring itself. We have also the additional information of the routing direction. That means here we have to go down and then to the left inside the cable duct with the wire.

STEP 2: Apply Label for the Source and Target Site

So, when I click on the start button inside the software, the wire will be automatically cut to the right length. The second step is to apply the label for the source and for the target site. Here, we have a printer that automatically opens a shrink sleeve so it's very easy to insert the wire into the printed shrink sleeve.

STEP 3: Apply Ferrules to Wire

So, the last step is to apply a ferrule on both sides of the wire. For this, I use a CF 3000 stripping and crimping device. Simply insert the wire from the front and then the device will strip and apply the ferrule. And now, I have a complete, prepared wire, and I can do the wiring inside the cabinet.

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