Top 9 Mistakes in Data Center Planning

Your data center is a critical part of your business. Now, find out how to avoid the top 9 mistakes during data center planning.

Bill Kleyman

May 15, 2014

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Top 9 Mistakes in Data Center Planning

Your data center is at the heart of your organization so there is constant demand and capacity challenges. How do you effectively plan out a data center deployment, upgrade or new build-out? Basically, how can you avoid making major mistakes when entering the "build and expand"world?

In this white paper from Schneider Electric, we learn that the key lies in the methodology you use to design and build your data center facilities. All too often, companies base their plans on watts per square foot, cost to build per square foot, and tier level—criteria that may be misaligned with their overall business goals and risk profile. Poor planning leads to poor use of valuable capital and can increase operational expense.

While there are numerous consultants in the field to help you find your way, assessing ideas and input can be overwhelming. Organizations with critical capacity requirements in the 1-3 megawatt range may fall into this risk category. The critical nature of mid-size users is no less important than mega users; however internal technical expertise to drive proper expansion plans may be limited. The result is information overload from multiple sources, leading to confusion and poor decision making.

So – what are these top mistakes? Let’s take a look:

  • Mistake 1: Failure to take total cost of ownership (TCO) into account

  • Mistake 2: Poor cost-to-build estimating

  • Mistake 3: Improperly setting design criteria & performance characteristics

  • Mistake 4: Selecting a site before design criteria are in place

  • Mistake 5: Space planning before design criteria is in place

  • Mistake 6: Designing into a dead-end

  • Mistake 7: Misunderstanding PUE

  • Mistake 8: Misunderstanding LEED certification

  • Mistake 9: Overcomplicated designs

There will be many data center deployments which hit road-blocks and hurdles. You can avoid quite a few problems by avoiding these mistakes. Download this white paper today to see how through proper planning using the TCO approach - you can create a data center facility that meets your organization’s performance goals and business needs today and tomorrow.

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