Optimizing Airflow Can Extend Data Center Life

As more systems find their home within the data center - optimizing the environment, and therefore, performance - becomes crucial. Learn how optimum airflow management through effective containment can help create a longer life for your data center.

Bill Kleyman

October 9, 2013

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Optimizing Airflow Can Extend Data Center Life

Although there's much discussion around increased efficiency, just how efficient are the new breed of cloud and enterprise data centers? According to the latest findings from Upsite Technologies, in audits of 45 data centers, the data centers averaged 3.9 times the amount of cooling capacity actually required by the demand of the associated IT load. Not very efficient.

Despite improvements in airflow management to reduce bypass airflow - surplus cooling capacity, according to the report, had increased from a factor of 2.6 in a previous study conducted 10 years earlier. The difference between capacity and required demand described by these numerical terms, has been defined by the Upsite Technologies as the Cooling Capacity Factor (CCF), and a CCF of 1 = a 10 percent surplus of supply to demand to accommodate positively pressurizing the room and accommodating minimal ceiling and floor leakage. Furthermore, despite this excess cooling capacity, there were still hot spots. For facilities representative of this research sample, there are definitely opportunities for extending the life of the data center.

This white paper from Chatsworth shows how planning an extension to the life of a data center - that appears to be out of cooling and power - is not merely a matter of eliminating hot spots and recapturing stranded capacity to supply a static environment. Remember, when data center managers are forecasting hitting a capacity wall, they are envisioning some continued growth to support the business’ mission critical activities. This growth is a combination of increased traffic, incremental applications and technology refreshes.

Download this white paper today to learn how optimum airflow management through effective containment can help create a longer life for your data center. With more demand around the modern data center infrastructure – creating a plan around data center airflow optimization not only helps save on infrastructure dollars--it also improves the performance of your overall environment.

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