Nlyte Integrates DCIM Software With Three ITSM Platforms

Integration with ServiceNow, BMC, HP aims to sync CMDB and asset management systems with ITSM

Michael Vizard

July 22, 2015

2 Min Read
Nlyte Integrates DCIM Software With Three ITSM Platforms
An Nlyte dashboard (Image: Nlyte)

Looking to make it simpler to integrate its data center infrastructure management software with a variety of IT service management (ITSM) offerings, Nlyte Software has repackaged its software within three editions that come with all the connectors required to integrate with ITSM solutions by BMC Software, HP, and ServiceNow.

Integration with leading ITSM platforms is becoming an increasingly important feature for DCIM software, and numerous vendors in the space have been working to ensure their solutions gel with the likes of ServiceNow or BMC. Such integration links data center asset management with service management and, in some cases, even cloud management, providing a more holistic view of the infrastructure from top to bottom.

Nlyte has developed a framework meant to make integration with a variety of ITSM solutions quicker and easier. CommScope, one of Nlyte's competitors, recently integrated its iTRACS DCIM software with HP's ITSM platform.

Mark Gaydos, chief marketing officer for Nlyte, said Nlyte for BMC ITSM, Nlyte for HP ITSM, and Nlyte for ServiceNow ITSM will make it simpler for IT organizations to integrate the management of infrastructure within the data center within larger management frameworks.

“When it comes to ITSM the data center is the last frontier,” said Gaydos. “In a lot of places data center administrators are still using spreadsheets and Visio drawing tools.”

Overall, IT organizations have been moving toward managing IT as a service by invoking APIs to programmatically manage IT environments at scale. As part of that trend, Gaydos said, Nlyte enables seamless integration between ITSM systems and the workflows used to manage IT infrastructure.

Specifically, IT organizations can use Nlyte’s DCIM software to ensure information within their configuration management database (CMDB) and asset management systems is synched in real time with their ITSM software, including providing the exact location of assets, resources consumed by those assets, and how assets are interconnected with one another. Nlyte also sends alerts when new resources are brought online or when resource limitations might be reached. In addition, alerts relating to scheduled downtime and migrations and consolidations are also sent.

Given the volume and density of modern data center environments, Gaydos said, it is becoming next to impossible for IT organizations to manually keep track of all the changes. At the same time, senior IT leaders want to be able to dynamically scale those environments, which is hard to do without knowing what resources are actually available at any given moment.

In general, ITSM software is widely seen as a mechanism for unifying application and IT infrastructure management. Leveraging the APIs that providers of applications and manufacturers of IT infrastructure now routinely expose, it’s become possible to manage IT using programming tools to dynamically scale IT resources up and down as required.

The challenge, said Gaydos, is making sure that what the IT organization thinks is occurring within its ITSM frameworks actually aligns with what it actually occurring inside the data center.

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