How to Develop ROI for DCIM Projects

Creating a DCIM budget? Check out this white paper with simple lessons that help you build a simple ROI model and get approval for your DCIM deployment.

Bill Kleyman

November 13, 2013

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How to Develop ROI for DCIM Projects

Let’s create the scenario:  You and your IT associates have done a thorough evaluation of DCIM software and are convinced that DCIM will make a major difference in the operation of your data center. Through your research, you’ve identified one or more high-value, chronic problems that DCIM will certainly fix. You also have buy-in from related departments, such as the facilities team. Your next big challenge is to get final approval from the decision makers who control the budgets. Clearly the best time to budget and get funding for DCIM is in conjunction with a major business-related IT project such as a data center construction, relocation, co-location, expansion or even the deployment of a new, business-critical application.

The budget for all of these projects will include a significant allocation for additional resources and tools to facilitate successful project execution. Based on Raritan’s experience with organizations like the one in the scenario – they have learned that several simple lessons can help you build a simple ROI model and get approval for your DCIM deployment. This white paper has consolidated these key lessons into this white paper.

As the modern data center continues to evolve and new demands are placed around current infrastructures – good management solutions will become critical. Download this white paper today to learn about some key lessons which will help you budget for a successful DCIM deployment. Some of these lessons include:

  • Understanding common, costly data center problems that can be fixed with DCIM

  • Identifying the high-value problems inside of your data center

  • Understanding how much these problems are actually costing you

  • Learn to align the DCIM project to corporate objectives

  • Build and ROI model, identifying and selling it to the decision makers

Finally, this paper will give you a sample ROI model and even a presentation template to get you ready to create your next big DCIM project budget.

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