Teradata Brings More Speed, Power to Analytics Platform

Teradata (TDC) today introduced the Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse 6700 platform, a new core analytic brain for big data sets, along with a new fabric-based hyper-speed nervous system.

John Rath

April 15, 2013

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Teradata Brings More Speed, Power to Analytics Platform
A Teradata Warehouse appliance. The company has expanded its relationship with Cloudera

Teradata (TDC) today introduced the Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse 6700 platform, a new core analytic brain for big data sets, along with a new fabric-based hyper-speed nervous system. The new offerings expand the company's Unified Data Architecture, which brings together Teradata, Teradata Aster, and Hadoop technology, as well as partner tools such as SUSE Linux, Intel Xeon processors and now Mellanox InfiniBand.

Active Enterprise Data Warehouse platform 6700

"With adoption of fabric-based computing, Teradata offers a high-speed, private analytic network with flexible configurations as the backbone of the entier Teradata Unified Data Architeture," said Scott Gnau, president Teradata Labs. "The speed of connection and robust management of fabric-based computing empowers our customers to take hyper-speed analytics and business insights to a new level."

The new 6700 platform leverages the fabric-based computing benefits of its BYNET software on high-speed InfiniBand networking. BYNET is Teradata's secret sauce, providing on-the-fly, in-query data sorting, unique point-to-point and broadcast communication functions.  Using InfiniBand from Mellanox, communication is 20 times faster, and brings scalability, performance and reliability for processing large amounts of data. Workload performance has been boosted by 40 percent over previous version by leveraging the Intel Xeon processor E5 family. The Teradata Active Enterprise Warehouse has up to eight times more memory per cabinet, with a typical system reaching multi-terabytes of memory. These system performance enhancements enable customers to do the same data warehouse work using up to 50 percent less energy as compared to the Teradata platform of two years ago.

"Data analytics has become a competitive asset for today's enterprises that enables quicker reaction and response to changing business conditions and consumer behavior," said Motti Beck, director, Enterprise Market Development at Mellanox Technologies. "When the Teradata Unified Data Architecture is integrated with Mellanox's end-to-end InfiniBand solutions as the fabric-based computing foundation, customers reap the benefits of data analytics performance and response time. Together with Teradata, we enable organizations to transform their data into a competitive business advantage."

Teradata Enterprise Access for Hadoop

Teradata announced Enterprise Access for Hadoop to offer business analysts streamlined, self-service, cost-effective access to Apache Hadoop. As a part of the Unified Data Architecture, the new technology enables business analysts to reach through Teradata directly into Hadoop to find new business value from the analysis of big, diverse data. Offering Teradata smart loader for Hadoop and Teradata SQL-H the solution features robust security, workload management, and comprehensive standard ANSI SQL support on Apache Hadoop.

"As a key component of the Unified Data Architecture, Hortonworks Data Platform provides a reliable Apache Hadoop distribution for enterprise users,” said Bob Page, vice president, products, Hortonworks. “The deep integration of Hortonworks Data Platform with both the Teradata data warehouse and Teradata Aster discovery platform provides users with easy access to data, while giving enterprise IT the advanced security it requires.”

Teradata Studio with Smart Loader for Hadoop enables point and click convenience for browsing moving data between Teradata and Hadoop for analysis and self-service intelligence. Teradata SQL-H gives any user or application across the enterprise direct, on-the-fly access to data stored within Hadoop through ANSI SQL, leveraging the security, workload management, and performance of the Teradata data warehouse. The integrated data ware house is a cornerstone of the Unified Data Architecture, enabling real-time delivery of intelligence to front line decision-makers.

"Today's announcement of Teradata Enterprise Access for Hadoop is another example of our agressive commitment to building out the Teradata Unified Data Architecture," said Scott Gnau, president Terdata Labs. "Teradata Enterprise Access for Hadoop empowers organizations to dig deeply into files and data residing in Hadoop and combine the data with production business data for analyses - and action."

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