Apple Urges TSMC to Make 4n Chips at Arizona Plant: Bloomberg

Apple and other U.S.-based chip manufacturers have a lot riding on TSMC’s new manufacturing plant in Arizona. They’re influencing the chip manufacturing giant to produce the most advanced chips for their needs.

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December 5, 2022

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TSMC’s planned Arizona semiconductor chip manufacturing plant will produce 4-nanometer chips, according to Bloomberg. The firm is being pressured by large companies based in the U.S., namely Apple.

The plant initially was designed to produce only 5-nanometer chips, which some say would be irrelevant by the time the plant opens for operations in 2024. It’s also a centerpiece of President Joe Biden’s Chips and Science (CHIPS) Act, which seeks to bring critical infrastructure manufacturing to U.S. shores and away from supply chain instability around countries such as Taiwan.

In recent years, Taiwan has faced increasing pressure from China to relinquish more of its autonomy and allow the superpower to exert more control. However, Taiwan, which China wants us to call Chinese Taipei, holds fast to its independence, and several governments have signaled support for the semiconductor powerhouse’s sovereignty as well.

In the U.S., Apple isn’t alone in its keen interest in sourcing high-performance computing chips from TSMC’s Arizona plant. Chip giants AMD and Nvidia also committed to manufacturing some of their chips at the Arizona plant and reportedly asked TSMC to increase the sophistication of its chip manufacturing as well.

Tomorrow, President Biden is expected to visit the TSMC factory with his Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo.  The CEOs from both AMD and Nvidia are said to be joining the President at the event. Apple, TSMC, AMD, and Nvidia are remaining hush about the event and the details of the switch from 5-nanometer to 4-nanometer chips at the TSMC facility in Arizona.

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Apple appears to hold the most influence with TSMC, since it’s anticipated that the tech giant will source one-third of its advanced chips from TSMC’s new Arizona plant, says Bloomberg.

With so much anticipation and interest in TSMC’s U.S. expansion, the firm is reportedly considering a second plant to handle the expected increase in demand.


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