Improve Agility, TCO and Security with Agentless Job Scheduling

To find how you can make your job scheduling faster, cheaper and safer, download this EMA white paper.

Kevin Normandeau

July 20, 2009

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Enterprise job scheduling is a mature and mission-critical IT capability that supports some of the most important business processes throughout a modern enterprise. Areas like accounting, ordering, inventory, and procurement are all likely to rely on job scheduling technology. Most common job scheduling architectures involve deploying agent software on every system in the enterprise. However, depending on the parameters of the situation, these agents may be more expensive to install and maintain.
BMC Software is addressing these potential issues with a revolutionary solution – agentless job scheduling with BMC CONTROL-M. This solution provides a way to schedule, submit, and monitor jobs on almost any platform without installing a local agent using in¬dustry standard communication protocols. This makes deployment faster, more cost-effective, and secure; ensures a very broad range of compatible systems; and reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Importantly, BMC CONTROL-M offers a choice of agentless and agent-based capabilities, providing users with the best of both worlds to meet their enterprise production management requirements.
Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) believes that this solution is setting a new standard in job scheduling, providing enterprises with unrivalled flexibility and agility, and significant cost benefits. With both agent-based and agentless job scheduling, BMC CONTROL-M provides a flexible, secure, and functional solution to a significant enterprise problem. To find how you can make your job scheduling faster, cheaper and safer download this EMA white paper.

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