What Makes a Well-designed Fluid Connector for Liquid Cooling?

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April 17, 2020

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What Makes a Well-designed Fluid Connector for Liquid Cooling?

As compute and storage densities increase for data centers and high-performance computing, so does their thermal output. Consequently, liquid cooling is becoming the most efficient and effective method of thermal management. System and Information Technology Equipment (ITE) providers must now work to understand how the incorporation of fluid handling components alongside critical electronic equipment can affect the system. One of the most vital fluid handling components is the fitting or connector. Reliable connectors are crucial for the safe and efficient operation of liquid cooling. However, the appropriate specifications for these components are often poorly understood.

Well-designed fluid connectors used in liquid cooling:

• Easily facilitate connection, disconnection and routing of cooling fluid though computing clusters.
• Support 100% uptime during installation, reconfiguration and maintenance.
• Allow secure, efficient, reliable and leak-free management of coolant within the liquid cooling system.

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