Emerson Launches Larger Ultra-Silent Liebert Coil Condensers for Data Center Cooling

Adjustable-volume (and capacity) unit aimed at data centers in areas with stringent noise-level regulations

Yevgeniy Sverdlik

June 26, 2014

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Emerson Launches Larger Ultra-Silent Liebert Coil Condensers for Data Center Cooling
Emerson’s Liebert MC condenser can operate 10dbA to 20dBA quieter than alternative solutions in the quiet mode. (Photo: Emerson Network Power)

Emerson Network Power has launched extended-size versions of its ultra-silent outdoor coil condenser for data center cooling systems. The product line previously included one- and two-fan units that ranged from 28kW to 40kW in capacity. Emerson now also offers three- and four-fan options, and the upper capacity range has been extended to 220kW.

Data centers are loud creatures, both inside and outside, AC condensers being only one of the sources of noise, joining a chorus with other gear, such as generators and exhaust fans. Many areas, such as the New York metro, have condenser noise level limits written into building codes data center operators have to comply with, which makes turning down the volume of a condenser a worthy engineering challenge.

In normal mode of operation, Emerson’s Liebert MC condenser is not a whole lot quieter than alternatives (between 2.5 and 5.5 decibels lower, according to the vendor), but it is something. It also has a Quiet-Line mode, which throttles the unit’s fan speed and lowers the volume by 10 to 20 dBA.

Using Emerson’s Liebert iCOM, the control system for the company’s cooling products, customers can flip between the modes to adjust noise levels based on time of day.

Liebert MC is built for use with Emerson’s Liebert CRV in-row cooling system, as well as Liebert Challenger 3000, DS and DSE precision cooling products.

The vendor is also boasting the unit’s efficiency, claiming 50-percent higher energy efficiency than traditional fin and tube condensers (Emerson sells those too). It gets its efficiency from its microchannel coil technology and from variable-speed fans, which can adjust cooling capacity based on IT demand (although many experts in the industry have been skeptical about the potential of adjusting cooling load dynamically as IT load fluctuates).

Emerson says its “IT system-matched heat rejection” reduces energy costs and operational expenses.

John Peter Valiulis, North America marketing vice president for Emerson’s cooling products, said, “The Liebert MC condenser is a major technology breakthrough in an area of data center thermal management that is often overlooked.”

The company’s other outdoor condensers are a fan-based Liebert PFH and a Liebert Fin/Tube unit.

Updated: The original post has been updated to include the recent additions to the product line.

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