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Colt Tokyo Inzai 2 data center Colt
Colt's Inzai 2 data center on the outskirts of Tokyo

vXchnge and Colt Partner for Global Colocation Services

Partners’ joint footprint includes facilities across US, Europe, and Asia

vXchnge, which provides data center colocation services in secondary US markets, is stepping outside familiar territory, albeit cautiously.

The company announced Tuesday a partnership with Colt Data Centre Services, a London-based data center provider with facilities across Europe and Asia. vXchnge clients will now be able to set up colo services in Colt’s markets through vXchnge and vice versa.

While it has some presence in top US markets, vXchnge’s primary focus is on Tier 2 metros where its largest competitors don’t have significant (or any) presence. Its messaging around “edge” data centers is similar to the messaging of EdgeConneX: providing colocation space and local network access for caching content locally for delivery to local end users.

Colt DCS, part of the UK-based telco and data center services multinational Colt Group, is in a mix of primary and secondary markets in Europe and in primary markets only in Asia. Its European footprint includes data centers in Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, and Paris, as well as places like Barcelona, Berlin, and Milan – big cities that aren’t among the biggest data center markets in the region.

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