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Aligned, Corscale, Ascent and T5 Data Centers Sign Up for Carbon Tracking

Four American data center operators supercharge their ESG programs with real-time reporting.

Colocation providers Aligned Data Centers, Corscale, Ascent, and T5 Data Centers are all about to start reporting the carbon footprint of IT infrastructure to their customers.

The companies partnered with Ledger8760, the 24/7 carbon emissions tracking platform, to monitor consumption of resources like energy, water and gas – and connect this to their financial data.

They hope that this information will enable customers to better understand how IT usage impacts carbon footprint and as a result make smarter, greener decisions for their businesses.

“We see too many companies get caught up in receiving inaccurate emissions data or not capturing it often enough, but through our 24/7 tracking technology, we're enabling leaders to be less concerned with data gathering and more concerned with change, because you can't change what you can't measure," said Adam Kramer, CEO of Ledger8760.

Putting money where your mouth is

Data centers are among the largest users of energy, responsible for 1% of all electricity consumed worldwide, according to a 2020 study by US academics published in Science.

Meanwhile, in a 2021 industry survey by Boston Consulting Group GAMMA, organizations estimated a 30-40% error rate in their emissions reporting, driven in large part by the difficulties in collecting key data.

Carson City-based Ledger8760 enables its customers to measure their carbon footprint hour-by-hour; the name is a reference to the number of hours in a year. The online platform tracks how, where and when energy is consumed, enabling businesses to identify inefficiencies and equipment that needs to be replaced.

“We want to ensure that as stewards of critical natural resources, we enable our client's own goals through real-time energy transparency," said Nic Bustamante, SVP at Corscale. "The ability to now enable new operating models for hyperscale customers and balance their workloads across diverse clean energy sources is a key advantage.”

"Ascent is passionate about measuring and managing our carbon usage for our own and more importantly our clients' knowledge to better inform sustainable business decisions," added Chris Cleghorn, VP of business development and marketing at Ascent. "We're thrilled to partner with Ledger to deliver real-time carbon emissions data efficiently and with the highest level of accuracy possible. We look forward to seeing the data come in and the action we're able to take as a result."

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