The Cloud Equalizer: Restoring Data Centers' Competitive Advantage

Data Center Knowledge

October 9, 2020

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There’s a gap between the big cloud service providers and data centers. If you’re a data center provider, perhaps you’ve noticed it: a gap between the services they’re offering their customers, and the services you’re offering.

Sure, it’s valuable for a data center provider to offer its customers hosting and management services closer to their places of business. Yes, data cannot travel through a fiber optic cable faster than the speed of light, so the less cable that’s involved in connecting customers to their data, the better. And yes, customers are not just asking for more options, products, and services, but for many options to be left open for change down the road.

In this whitepaper we will discuss:

  • The Cloud Conundrum

  • The Ridge Proposition- gives data centers the tools and resources they previously lacked to win back customer business from the big three cloud providers

  • A Future for Massively Distributed Systems

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