Telx Adds Hybrid Cloud Option to Cloud Exchange

Exchange’s existing three private and public cloud providers on the platform now also offer hybrid cloud

Yevgeniy Sverdlik

October 22, 2014

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Telx Adds Hybrid Cloud Option to Cloud Exchange
A Telx data center in Clifton, New Jersey

Telx has added a hybrid cloud option on its Cloud Xchange platform, a centralized hub for cloud services its data center customers offer.

Many public and private cloud services were available on the platform before, but now there is also the option of combining the two cloud flavors into a single architecture.

Colocation and interconnection providers like Telx and Equinix have been using the exchange approach to leverage the ecosystems of service providers they have nurtured within their data centers to get a piece of the action in the thriving cloud services market without having to provide the cloud services themselves.

In a way, it is an attempt to translate the Internet exchange-centric model for the cloud services market. Both companies put peering at the core of their business models early on and managed to attract large memberships, Equinix having the larger play in the U.S. peering market of the two.

The bigger the number of networks peering in a facility the more attractive that facility becomes. Now, Telx’s Cloud Xchange and the Equinix Cloud Exchange, are growing to make their data centers more attractive for cloud users.

Three companies that provide public and private cloud services through the Telx cloud exchange are now offering the private cloud option: Intercloud Systems, EasyStreet and Peak. Direct links to the Amazon Web Services public cloud are also available at Telx facilities.

“With access to an abundant set of cloud service providers offering public, private, and now hybrid cloud solutions, we’re helping providers grow their business while enterprises benefit from tailored solutions that tackle demanding workloads and offer the flexibility needed to meet business goals,” Telx CEO Chris Downie said in a statement. “The enhanced Telx Cloud Xchange is core to our business as we continue to foster relationships with cloud service providers and enterprises.

Telx has 20 data centers in 13 U.S. markets. The portfolio has 1.3 million square feet of data center space and provides close to 50,000 links to various global networks.

According to the company, cumulatively the networks connect more than 10 million square feet of data center space.

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