PEER 1's New Cloud Fits Snuggly Between Public and Private Cloud Offerings

Peer 1 has introduced its Mission Critical Cloud, an offering built on Tier 3 and VMWare that leverages the flexibility of public clouds with the needed features of enterprises.

Jason Verge

April 2, 2013

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PEER 1's New Cloud Fits Snuggly Between Public and Private Cloud Offerings

PEER 1 Hosting has internationally launched its Mission Critical Cloud. The new cloud offering is a public cloud targeted to enterprise, with built-in security, disaster recovery and cloud management functions. It’s powered by Tier 3 and virtualized by VMWare, on a pay as you go pricing model.

The company has a mass market public cloud called Zunicore, as well as offers managed private cloud services atop of VMWare. The new offering fits in between, leveraging the ease of use of public, with the more security conscious features that the enterprise requires.

“Businesses want to accelerate their adoption of the public cloud, but many providers don’t deliver a complete solution that elegantly addresses common enterprise requirements,” said Mark Cravotta, senior vice president, Tier 3. “With PEER 1 Hosting’s Mission Critical Cloud, powered by Tier 3, enterprises now have an alternative that natively supports complex scenarios. Tier 3 strives to make global cloud deployments dramatically easier, and that's just what we've done in partnership with PEER 1 Hosting.”

Built-in disaster recovery is a major differentiator from other cloud offerings out there. It’s also built as a self-service platform, giving IT admins complete control over virtual servers, including robust cloud management capabilities and the ability to arrange and manage virtual machines in logical server groups. Mission Critical Cloud also enables enterprises to meet data sovereignty needs by enabling them to choose specific data center location within Canada, the UK and Germany.

The company says it has built in redundancy and security at every level of the solution, including physical equipment, cloud resources, and customer data. It has an extensive permissions system authorizing users both at the group and individual VM level.  “Many enterprises are searching for a more powerful, yet less complex public cloud solution,” said Robert Miggins, SVP, Business Development, PEER 1 Hosting. “Mission Critical Cloud addresses that need with a complete enterprise-grade cloud platform that eliminates concerns typically associated with public cloud usage and instead introduces them to the benefits of the public cloud from increased ROI to reduced complexity and operational costs. Mission Critical Cloud is also a perfect example of our commitment to providing customers with choice in the cloud and allowing them to focus on the possibilities of the Internet and not the problems.”

“Mission Critical Cloud continues PEER 1 Hosting’s strategy to deliver choice of platform to its customers; this time, with an enterprise-grade public cloud,” said Carl Brooks, Internet infrastructure services analyst at 451 Group. “It’s an extension of PEER 1 Hosting and Tier 3’s existing partnership, and PEER 1 Hosting has accurately identified the customer base that will want features like enterprise-class security, native disaster recovery and virtual machine blue printing.”

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