Kaspersky Unveils Private Security Cloud for Enterprises

Security cloud provides real-time threat updates to customers without sending company data to public cloud

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January 11, 2016

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Kaspersky Unveils Private Security Cloud for Enterprises
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Kaspersky Lab has introduced a new security cloud that provides real-time threat updates to customers without sending company data to the public cloud.

Kaspersky Private Security Network is a private cloud that includes an internal copy of Kaspersky Security Network (KSN), the company’s distributed cloud infrastructure with servers in various countries that processes on-the-fly requests from Kaspersky solutions on corporate and home user computers.

Using the cloud helps to quickly and more accurately analyze new types of malicious programs or websites detected on client devices, according to Kaspersky. When security applications encounter an unknown threat, they contact remote servers for a resolution, and receive an immediate answer. This is different than the conventional way of sending and receiving threat information, which typically takes a few hours to update databases, the company said.

KSN sends information into the cloud to test whether a file or website is dangerous or innocuous in this instantaneous way, and it currently protects about 80,000,000 users per year. However, some companies don’t want to expose internal data to the public cloud, but still want this type of real-time security protection, according to Kaspersky.

Enter KPSN, which provides all the advantages of KSN without doing one thing the public security offering does—communicate with outside servers to receive data about program and website reputations and possible threats, according to Kaspersky.

Instead, KPSN uses databases installed on servers located within the corporate information infrastructure. The network uses regular one-way synchronization with KSN to receive real-time data about threats to protect a customer’s network so not a single shred of data is sent from the corporate network to the cloud, the company said.

"In large companies and in state organizations, there are typically very strict information security policies in place regulating inbound and outgoing data traffic,” said Kaspersky CTO Nikita Shvetsov in a press release. “However, in light of an ever-growing number of cyber-threats, security solutions work most efficiently only when they maintain a continuous data exchange with a cloud, which contains the most recent threat data.”

A private security cloud like KPSN allows a company to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the distributed KSN within the walls of its IT infrastructure, in full compliance with specific company requirements, policies and needs, he added.

KPS is available now, joining Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business, Kaspersky Security for Virtualization, Kaspersky DDoS Protection and other offerings in the company’s package of solutions designed to provide large businesses with information security.

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