Hootsuite Moves App Directory Marketplace from AWS to SoftLayer Cloud

Move billed as extension of existing partnership between Hootsuite and IBM

Chris Burt

August 12, 2015

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Hootsuite Moves App Directory Marketplace from AWS to SoftLayer Cloud
Servers at an IBM SoftLayer data center. (Photo: SoftLayer)



This article originally appeared at The WHIR

Hootsuite is ditching AWS for IBM SoftLayer for its App Directory social application marketplace as part of an extension of the existing partnership between the two companies, according to an announcement on Tuesday. While Hootsuite and its App Directory currently run on AWS, App Directory’s migration to SoftLayer cloud infrastructure is scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year.

As part of the partnership the companies will also integrate their outreach programs for higher education. According to ZDNet, IBM’s Academic Initiative, which is a program that gives academics 12 months access to Bluemix for research, will combine with Hootsuite’s Higher Education Program. Providing cloud and analytics training alongside social media solutions gives students the chance to develop a practical, marketable skill-set, according to the partners, since both are leveraged together in so many real-world use cases.

Running App Directory on SoftLayer allows Hootsuite to provide clients with a dedicated and scalable infrastructure that is provisioned and managed with an easy-to-use toolkit. The announcement also touts the advantages of SoftLayer’s data privacy and localization for international customers, and the enhanced ability of Hoostuite to deliver new features and functions and respond to customers rapidly and reliably.

“IBM Cloud offers high performance, granular control and flexibility. When you couple that with its globally integrated footprint, we will have the ability to move data between data centers efficiently which will provide resiliency, flexibility and control,” said Aaron Budge, vice president of operations and IT at Hootsuite. “We have had a great relationship with IBM for more than two years and are excited about expanding our relationship with new product integrations and the ability to leverage IBM technology.”

Hootsuite was previously integrated with IBM Connections, and it added IBM Silverpop into its App Directory recently. IBM will also promote its 2016 Eighth Global Hackathon Series exclusively on Hootsuite, as each company leverages its partner’s specialty.

SoftLayer introduced NVIDIA Tesla K80 dual-GPU accelerators to its Dallas data center in July to begin offering super-cloud-computing capabilities.

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