Debunking the Top 9 Hybrid Cloud Myths

Worried about moving to a hybrid cloud model? Check out how these top 9 myths can be debunked.

Bill Kleyman

February 17, 2014

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Debunking the Top 9 Hybrid Cloud Myths

The cloud model is here to stay. In fact, many organizations are expanding their infrastructure directly into some type of cloud platform. Initially, there were concerns about the operation of a cloud. It was a new technology, adoption was low, and many businesses were worried about resources. The modern cloud has come a long way. Organizations clearly see the direct benefits of working with a cloud infrastructure.

Here’s the reality: More solutions become available every day, but with a learning curve and numerous management challenges and considerations.

So when it comes to a hybrid cloud model – what are some of the fears that enterprises still have? In this white paper from Equinix, we take a look at the hybrid cloud infrastructure, the types of benefits it can bring to an organization – and where this type of environment can truly make an impact with your organization.

But it’s not just about looking at benefits and best practices. It’s also about understanding the real implications of the hybrid cloud model versus myths and fears which can prevent proper adoption. This white paper explains the top 9 hybrid cloud myths that could potentially be slowing down your organization’s IT goals.

These myths include:

  • Myth: “You can use the public cloud for everything.”

  • Myth: “You can’t be secure in the cloud.”

  • Myth: “The cloud is not reliable.”

  • Myth: “The public cloud will always be cheaper.”

  • Myth: “You can’t get enough bandwidth in the cloud.”

  • Myth: “You can’t move large amounts of data in the cloud.”

  • Myth: “You lose control of data in the cloud.”

  • Myth: “We can wait—nobody got fired for not moving to the cloud.”

  • Myth: “You can’t get regulatory compliance in the cloud.”

Remember, there are many myths about the hybrid cloud, but they are just that: myths. Download this whitepaper today to learn the truth and become more informed about the full range of cloud options that can impact your enterprise. The flexibility and economy of scale in the cloud continue to improve - and the evolution of the cloud model has actually removed some of the biggest deployment and management challenges.

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