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CERN data center in Meyrin, Switzerland, 2017 Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images
CERN data center in Meyrin, Switzerland, 2017

Data Center Jobs in a Post-Cloud World: How to Adapt in a New Job Market

Cloud computing is changing the data center job market. Here’s what data center workers can do to stay relevant and thrive in this post-cloud world.

The data center job market is changing as companies adopt cloud computing and close or scale back their on-premises facilities.

In some cases, the move to the cloud or to a hybrid environment means layoffs, and in other cases, it means a change in job responsibilities for technician-level data center workers like network administrators, systems engineers, and storage engineers.

“The idea of a no-cloud policy is becoming almost as rare as a no-internet policy,” said Christopher Quigley, manager at the cloud recruiting firm FRG Technology Consulting. “Due to this, more and more in-house administrators have to adapt to a gradual shift toward a hybrid cloud environment.”

An “evolution” is coming to data center jobs, Quigley added. But data center IT workers can take several steps to keep up with the changing nature of their profession, many IT job experts said.

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