Carpathia Helps Enterprises Manage Hybrid Clouds with New Cloud Operations Platform for AWS

Platform enables customers to manage and monitor workloads on AWS and in Carpathia data centers through a single pane of glass.

Nicole Henderson, Contributor

March 18, 2015

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Carpathia Helps Enterprises Manage Hybrid Clouds with New Cloud Operations Platform for AWS



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With hybrid cloud becoming more popular with enterprises, managing workloads across public clouds and on-premise infrastructure can be a challenge. To address this, hosting and cloud provider Carpathia launched its Cloud Operations Platform for Amazon Web Services on Wednesday. The platform enables customers to manage and monitor workloads on AWS and in Carpathia data centers through a single pane of glass.

Carpathia’s VP of business operations Phil Hedlund was responsible for product management of the platform, and said that the company has increasingly seen its customers wanting to use infrastructure in a dedicated facility as well as within public cloud environments like AWS.

“We saw demand from our existing customers to be able to hybrid connect to the public cloud including AWS, and demand from our customers to be able to monitor and manage those workloads,” Hedlund said in an interview with the WHIR.

Prior to the launch of the platform, if a customer of Carpathia wanted to deploy workloads in AWS they would have to use Amazon Direct Connect to connect their Amazon infrastructure to their Carpathia infrastructure.

“Prior to the availability of this service, a workload that existed in Amazon wasn’t being monitored and managed in the same way the workload sitting on a server in a Carpathia data center,” Hedlund said.

In addition to the availability of its Cloud Operations Platform for AWS, Carpathia announced that it is a Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network and a member of its Channel Reseller Program. With the latter designation, customers can purchase their AWS infrastructure through Carpathia however it is not a requirement.

Carpathia is one of an increasing number of service providers that have found an opportunity in working with, rather than against, public cloud providers like AWS. Hedlund says Carpathia’s value proposition is managing the hybrid cloud.

“We view AWS and public cloud as something that customers are going to use for portions of their environment. There are workloads that make sense to put in public cloud infrastructure and there are those that don’t make sense,” Hedlund said. “Carpathia’s view is that we’re not going to dictate to the customer where they should put their workloads, we think that is a customer decision. What we do see is that customers when they are deploying hybrid implementations…customers want to see and get a holistic view of their infrastructure.”

Almost 90 percent of organizations used public cloud, with AWS leading public cloud adoption.

The new Cloud Operations platform allows Carpathia to automatically discover that the workload has been created by a customer in AWS.

Designer flash sale website Gilt is one of Carpathia’s existing customers that wanted to have seamless monitoring and management of their AWS and Carpathia infrastructures.

“There are parts of the Gilt infrastructure – you can think of it as the more ‘retail-y’ parts – that do need to exist inside AWS,” Hedlund said.

“Gilt is a fairly dynamic IT shop because they’re constantly developing and their IT operations is fairly decentralized in terms of allowing their developers to independently develop features for their application,” Hedlund said.

“As those features and functionalities become more critical or they need to leverage things that they’ve architecturally decided are better served on bare metal they need to be able to connect what’s going on with AWS with what’s in the bare metal infrastructure.”

Gilt previously purchased AWS separately from the services provided by Carpathia, but now is procuring AWS via Carpathia.

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