Teradata Updates Unity Portfolio

At the Teradata 2012 Executive Forum, the big data and analytic data solutions company expanded and enhanced its Unity portfolio, and announced several customer success stories.

John Rath

October 26, 2012

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Teradata's 2012 Executive Forum took place recently in Washington D.C.  The big data and analytic data solutions company expanded and enhanced its Unity portfolio, and announced several customer success stories.

Teradata (TDC) announced the new Unity Loader as well as other enhancements to Teradata Unity, a complete portfolio of integrated products that enable users to orchestrate a multi-system Teradata environment. The Unity portfolio enables high system availability and disaster recovery across any multi-system Teradata environment.  Unity Loader is a new addition, automatically taking high-volume data loads and delivering them to the right Teradata system. It is designed to work with systems that do not have identical database structures and it understands the capabilities and limitations of each system and will route data loads accordingly.

“Teradata Unity helps us route business intelligence query workloads between two Teradata production systems to load balance and maximize utilization of both systems. Additionally, it will help load data into both production systems simultaneously, removing hours of data copy lag-time associated with other replication products," said Sudhakar Bommu, IT architect, Cisco Systems.

AXA and 24/7 media select Teradata appliance

Teradata announced that AXA, a Belgian-based bank and insurer serving 1.8 million European customers, deployed a Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance to improve regulatory reporting and enhance operational intelligence to help employees on the front-lines of the institution to make the best decision possible.   "With the Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance we made the best choice in terms of price and speed - which was absolutely spectacular," said Koen Meessens, lead subject area functional expert, AXA.  "The migration to the new Teradata appliance was fast and smooth, saving us a substantial amount of time. Because Teradata is easy-to-use, AXA was able to quickly move from a monthly reporting cycle to daily frequency."

Teradata and 24/ Media announced that the 24/7 Media forecasting solution, Impresto, will now be powered by the Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance. The appliance gives 24/7 Media clients on both the buy and sell sides of the business, a unified methodology for measuring audience over time, even for the most specific audience segments.  Teradata enables 24/7 to predict audience patterns according to a wide variety of characteristics, including geography, behavioral segment, and keyword.

"These solutions have been available to academics and economists for some time, but are only just now making it into the media marketplace," said Oleg Vishnepolsky, 24/7 Media’s Chief Technology Officer.   "Forecasting that is based on proven mathematical models is the way of the future in digital media and far superior to relying on sampling as other forecasting solutions currently do.  The Teradata solution beautifully complements our DMP platform and positions us to unlock the full potential of our highly algorithmic technology offerings. We are delighted to be working with Teradata to develop such market leading capabilities."

Infinite Value

Teradata's Darryl McDonald talked about the enormous potential for big data at the 2012 Teradata Partners User Group Conference and Expo - also in Washington D.C.  He also announced the winner of the Teradata Infinite Value contest - an awesome idea - to find the patterns in various data sources such as medical records, research, pharma, genetics, etc, to identify the best treatments for Autism.

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