Study: Containers Are Great, but Skilled Admins Are Scarce

Containers are useful in speeding development times, but there is a major lack of skilled workers capable of using them

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Study: Containers Are Great, but Skilled Admins Are Scarce
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By The VAR Guy


By The VAR Guy

Application containers are more popular than ever before, but many companies still struggle to find skilled workers capable of managing the technology.

Shippable released findings of a survey this week, which polled 300 software developers in the US in March and April to gauge trends and challenges surrounding container solutions. While a third of respondents said container solutions have enabled them to accelerate application release cycles, many others are still struggling to find the personnel capable of utilizing the new tech.

When asked why some companies don’t use containers, the majority of respondents said they lack skilled employees capable of running said solutions. The lack of skilled employees was a larger factor than perceived container immaturity, potential security risks and lack of a clear ROI, according to the study.

“Our research and personal experience shows that companies can experience exponential gains in software development productivity through the use of container technology and related tools,” said Avi Cavale, CEO at Shippable, in a statement. “That said, there are still hurdles to overcome. Companies can help themselves by training internal software teams and partnering with vendors and service providers that have worked with container technology extensively.”

Some other fast facts straight from the press release include:

  • Shippable found that 54 percent of respondents use Google Container Registry, with 45 percent utilizing Amazon EC2 Container Registry

  • 31 percent of respondents said they run their containers on public cloud infrastructure, compared to 30 percent who run on private cloud.

  • 52 percent of developers run their containerized applications on Google Compute Engine

  • 58 percent of developers use GitHub with containers

But while there is a definite skills gap that needs to be addressed in order for container solutions to become more widely adopted, there is some hope for the future; Shippable found that 89 percent of respondents said they were either very likely or somewhat likely to increase their use of containers sometime within the next year.

Channel partners can help narrow this gap by providing more training opportunities surrounding container solutions. Partners can also work with prominent container solution providers like Docker if they want to increase employee education efforts and awareness as to the power of containerization, which will ultimately create new ways to drive recurring revenue.

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