Startup NephoScale Launches IaaS Offering

Cloud computing startup NephoScale has launched a new infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform, and operating out of data center space at CoreSite's San Jose connectivity hub.

Rich Miller

January 13, 2011

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Cloud computing startup NephoScale has launched a new infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform, and says its architecture and management tools offer new capabilities not readily available from existing platforms. The San Jose, Calif. company's IaaS offerings include cloud servers, on-demand dedicated servers and object-based cloud storage, supported by an API that gives users advanced control over their cloud infrastructure.

NephoScale co-founder and president Bruce Templeton has been an executive at networking equipment maker Foundry Networks and later bought web hosting providers Silicon Valley Web Hosting, NectarTech Hosting and Simpli Hosting. The other co-founder, CTO Telemachus Luu, spent six years at San Francisco hosting and colocation pioneer ServePath, and was instrumental in launching the company's GoGrid cloud division.

NephoScale's infrastructure is hosted with CoreSite at the Market Post Tower, a key connectivity hub in downtown San Jose which also provides hosting space for Silicon Valley Web Hosting.

“We’re taking a new approach to IaaS by making it so simple for developers to autonomously set up a cloud infrastructure, that it removes the system administrator from the equation, which means companies can do even more with less,” said Templeton, president of NephoScale. “The technology we’ve built into our architecture also helps us fulfill a real industry demand by supporting PaaS functions, such as configuring and optimizing an application stack, while providing the additional services and flexibility associated with an IaaS.”

NephoScale said its CloudScri[t programmatic interface allows users to provision and manage all aspects of their cloud infrastructure using a single API submission. “CloudScript is putting a level of infrastructure control into developers’ hands that they haven’t seen before,” said Templeton.

NephoScale’s cloud servers and cloud storage are available on a pay-as-you-go basis, with no long-term commitment, which enables companies to reap the benefits of increased scale, improved service levels, and more reliability with little or no capital expenditure.

The company’s initial service offerings include:

  • Cloud Servers: An on-demand cloud compute service that is accessed through a GUI or programmatically with NephoScale’s API. Users can choose from several different Linux and Windows operating systems using pre-packaged server images (including 64-bit). Data stored on NephoScale Cloud Servers is persistent.

  • On-Demand Dedicated Servers: Servers that take advantage of the on-demand provisioning and control of the cloud, yet still benefit from the security and performance offered by dedicated physical hardware.

  • Object-based Cloud Storage: A scalable storage solution that can scale to hundreds of petabytes.

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