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Six Reasons to Get User Experience Right update from September 2015

An end-to-end UEM solution will lower overall desktop costs, deliver the fastest logon and in-session performance and give users the consistent, reliable experience they expect.

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September 23, 2015

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Six Reasons to Get User Experience Right

Simon Townsend is Chief Technologist, EMEA for AppSense.

For as many as 10 million desktops, user environment management (UEM) technology optimizes the user computing experience while reducing IT management complexity and cost. Not only does a solution that truly delivers end-to-end UEM deliver the fastest, easiest and lowest-cost desktop possible, it can achieve this regardless of the mix of physical and virtual devices or combination of multiple devices, locations or delivery mechanisms.

The benefits of using an end-to-end UEM solution are both pervasive and persistent. It can produce a better user experience and lower both capital and operational expenses providing a significant return on investment. Consider these six reasons to get the user experience right for both the business and its employees.

Achieve a Seamless User Experience

Advanced end-to-end UEM solutions deliver a seamless user experience across all desktops and devices. This includes efficient access to both applications and data without slowing server performance or increasing storage requirements.

Easier Migration and Upgrades

Environments that use end-to-end UEM never have to worry about migrations or upgrades again. Because the user has been decoupled from the underlying system, it’s effortless to migrate the user profile and data to new devices and operating systems. This reduces the time, cost and complexity of migration, a process that has traditionally been very tedious, and eliminates user disruption with literally zero-downtime migrations.

Better IT Control

The best end-to-end UEM solutions put granular control into IT’s hands so that it may more effectively and efficiently manage corporate and application policies. This can also assure accurate use of user privileges and works to prevent costly security breaches.

Better-Performing Desktops

An end-to-end UEM solution can dramatically speed the user environment experience, improving employee acceptance and productivity. With more efficient distribution of profile and application policies, users no longer need to wait for pieces of their environment to load that they don’t need. In addition, smart controls allocate CPU, memory and disk resources to improve the overall quality of service, increase user density and reduce hardware requirements.

Dramatic Cost Reductions Across the Board

End-to-end UEM solutions reduce costs across the board for desktop infrastructure, delivering both capital expense (CAPEX) and operational expense (OPEX) advantages. They can dramatically reduce desktop and support costs, conserve infrastructure expenses and optimize application license expenditures. In addition, with the advantages listed above, end-to-end UEM fuels user productivity for greater workforce efficiencies overall.

Efficient Data Access and Management

With end-to-end UEM, enterprises and their users further benefit from seamless access to data via secure and efficient processes that offer additional granular policy control and end-to-end security. As a result, users can access their work content on any Windows PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android-based device with confidence and ease. Furthermore, data is future-proofed as storage requirements change without the need to ever migrate data when new devices are deployed.

When it comes to the user acceptance of new desktop implementations, it’s all about experience. To power user adoption while producing the greater IT efficiencies that will result in exponential value both today and into the future, select an end-to-end UEM solution that will help get user experience right. It will lower overall desktop costs, deliver the fastest logon and in-session performance and give users the consistent, reliable experience they expect. This will not only improve user experience, but the business experience overall.

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