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Here's a short list of blogs tracking Software as a Service (SaaS) and utility computing.

Rich Miller

March 17, 2008

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There's a growing number of blogs focusing on software as a service (SaaS) and utility computing. Here's a short list of the SaaS-oriented blogs that I've found useful or interesting in tracking the data center sector:

  • Rough Type: Author and IT analyst Nicholas Carr writes about the "big switch" to software as a service and utility computing.

  • Software as Services: Highly topical ZDNet blog written by Phil Wainewright.

  • SaaS Blogs: Thoughts about Software as a Service and on-demand technology from the staff at Apprenda/SaaS Grid.

  • SaaS and Hosting: The viewpoint on SaaS from Swsoft/Parallels.

  • Salesforce Times: A blog dedicated to news and events, run by Adam Killam.

  • Working With the Force: A blog from executives at JobScience, which runs its entire business on the platform, and hopes to define "what works, tries to work and does not work on the force platform."

  • Service Level Automation in the Datacenter: This blog from James Urquhart of Cassatt tracks next generation datacenters and cloud/utility computing.

  • Smoothspan Blog: a blog by Bob Warfield of Smoothspan, a company "in stealth mode, focused on a post SaaS business model." Bob writes about SaaS, Open Source and Web 2.0.

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