Photo Tour: CenturyLink and IO Light Up Phoenix Data Center

First phase of unique partnership, where CenturyLink takes over Phoenix data center as the provider, is complete.

Yevgeniy Sverdlik

July 23, 2014

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Photo Tour: CenturyLink and IO Light Up Phoenix Data Center
A look down a module aisle in IO and CenturyLink’s Phoenix data center (Photo: IO)

CenturyLink Technology Solutions and IO held a grand opening for the former’s new data center location within IO’s massive facility in Phoenix.

The data center’s opening marks completion of the initial phase in a partnership between the two companies that is unique in the industry. CenturyLink is essentially taking over the role of the data center provider at the site.

Any new customers in Phoenix will be CenturyLink customers, David Meredith, senior vice president and general manager at CenturyLink, said. “We’re running the colocation now for any new customers coming into those facilities,” he said.

CenturyLink is selling both modular space and traditional raised-floor space in the Phoenix data center, but the deal extends beyond Phoenix. IO’s sales team will be selling into the Phoenix data center, but also into CenturyLink’s other locations, including Toronto, Washington, D.C., New Jersey and southern California.

The phase recently brought online in Phoenix includes about 9.6 megawatts of capacity to support IO.Anywhere modules and about 4 megawatts of raised floor. While there are some customers that prefer the traditional data center space, most of them want to be in the modules, Meredith said.

CenturyLink is also looking into the possibility of adding capacity to host the modules in some of its other buildings.

In addition to CenturyLink, there is one other data center operator that houses IO.Anywhere modules in its facilities and offers space inside them as a service. The company's name is Fortrust.

IO has always had a heavy focus on technology and design, which shows in photos from the grand opening event in Phoenix earlier this month, courtesy of IO and CenturyLink:


CenturyLink-branded IO.Anywhere data center modules in the Phoenix data center


Another view of the CenturyLink-branded IO.Anywhere data center modules in the Phoenix data center


IO.Anywhere employs physical and logical security to protect mission-critical IT assets. A compartmentalized architecture provides separation between IT and support infrastructure and a steel frame, hardened shell and customer-specified access controls provide multiple layers of protection


A look down a module aisle in the Phoenix data center


Equipment inside a rack in the Phoenix data center


CenturyLink Technology Solutions President Jeff Von Deylen talks about the CenturyLink-IO partnership


Michael Levy, senior analysts, data centers, at 451 Research, shares his insights with guests at the July 27, 2014, event to celebrate CenturyLink entering the Phoenix market


A ribbon is cut to celebrate the CenturyLink-IO partnership and CenturyLink’s new data center presence in the Phoenix market. Pictured, from left, are Jennifer Mellon, vice president of program development for the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce; Jeff Von Deylen, president of CenturyLink Technology Solutions; Peter McNamara, senior vice president of global enterprise sales at IO; Ken McMahon, vice president-general manager, Phoenix, for CenturyLink; and Greg Stanton, mayor of Phoenix



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