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Navigating the GenAI Wave in Enterprise Data Centers

With the GenAI tidal wave upon us, existing data center resources must be optimized to ensure seamless integration.

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February 9, 2024

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Over the past year, the global data center industry has witnessed the start of a truly transformative era accelerated by the hyper ascent of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI).

Thanks to the proliferation of advanced large language models like ChatGPT-4, the data processing and management landscape has been quickly and dramatically altered, necessitating an in-depth understanding of its implications for CEOs and CIOs.

It is becoming increasingly critical to prepare existing data center resources for this GenAI tidal wave to ensure a seamless integration that aligns with organizational goals.

GenAI: Unveiling Models, Training, and Inference

In the GenAI realm, an AI model serves as a virtual brain, employing sophisticated algorithms to process data, recognize patterns, and make informed decisions. Training an AI model is akin to educating a human brain, involving exposure to extensive data sets for learning and pattern recognition.

The training process empowers the AI model to think through situations, adapt over time, and enhance its decision-making capabilities. Subsequently, inference applies the trained model to new, unseen data, allowing it to make predictions or decisions based on its training.

Preparing for GenAI Implementation in Private Data Centers

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Before deploying GenAI, IT leaders must address foundational tasks such as identifying a suitable model, gathering relevant data, and training the model for inference. However, organizations in highly regulated industries like finance and healthcare must consider the infrastructure implications of deploying GenAI.

On-premise data centers are often the preferred solution, offering greater control, security, and compliance with industry standards than public cloud alternatives.

The Current State of GenAI in Private Data Centers

As GenAI creates a massive shift in the global data center landscape, three critical trends are emerging:

Increased Demand and Capacity Challenges: The accessibility of publicly available GenAI models has triggered a surge in demand, leading to a frenzy of data center leasing. This increase necessitates greater capacity. It also poses significant challenges for data center operators dealing with existing needs.

Infrastructure and Cost Implications: Projected to exceed $76 billion by 2028, the data center server infrastructure and operating costs for GenAI are escalating. The complexity and workload of GenAI applications drive the need for sophisticated hardware, contributing to increased costs.

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Innovations in AI Chips: Competing for innovation, chipmakers like Nvidia and AMD are supplying GenAI-centric chipsets to server manufacturers, while cloud service providers like Microsoft and Amazon are developing customized AI chips. This trend emphasizes the industry's shift towards specialized hardware for AI tasks.

GenAI in 2024: A Guide for Data Center Managers

Thriving in the GenAI era involves strategic foresight and adaptability. Businesses with data center resources must focus on five key areas to successfully implement GenAI and drive innovation:

  • Modernize Infrastructure: Implement powerful AI-specific chipsets and enhanced data protection measures, anticipating potential supply chain bottlenecks by partnering with a reliable solution provider.

  • Heighten Data Security: Manage data effectively, ensuring privacy, compliance with regulations, and continuous monitoring of AI systems for optimal performance.

  • Focus on Collaboration: Collaborate within the supplier ecosystem to gain expert guidance on deploying specialized server farms and secure storage for GenAI.

  • Control Costs: Strategically plan investments to offset the projected rise in operating costs associated with running GenAI applications.

  • Stay Informed: Adaptability is crucial; stay informed about the rapidly evolving GenAI field to adopt new technologies quickly.

Accelerating the GenAI Transition

Integrating GenAI into data centers is not just a technological upgrade; it is a strategic business decision. In 2024, data center managers must navigate this new environment by intelligently modernizing IT infrastructure without compromising security and controlling costs. By doing so, organizations can effectively the rising demands of GenAI while leveraging its potential for driving business growth and efficiency.

Tim Ferris is the Data Center Modernization Practice Leader for Blue Mantis, a managed services provider serving mid-market enterprises. With a deep foundation in data center technologies, Tim is increasingly focused on large-scale projects in Cloud, Hybrid-Cloud, AI, and ML architectures.

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