MRV Communications Advances Provisioning Platform

MRV launches Pro-Vision 3.0 service delivery and provisioning software, Ciena introduces new WaveLogic Photonics capabilities, and Vello Systems launches Precision Application Networking software.

John Rath

March 13, 2014

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MRV Communications Advances Provisioning Platform

MRV launches Pro-Vision 3.0 service delivery and provisioning software, Ciena introduces new WaveLogic Photonics capabilities, and Vello Systems launches Precision Application Networking software.

MRV launches Pro-Vision 3.0 service delivery and provisioning software. MRV Communications (MRVC) launched Pro-Vision 3.0 service delivery and provisioning software. Designed to make the user experience more intuitive and comprehensive, the new Pro-Vision platform is based on a HTML5 infrastructure that simplifies and automates the design, deployment and assurance of next-generation, multi-layer virtualized networks. The software gives communications service providers (CSPs) substantial OPEX savings in large and complex nationwide networks. As CSPs of all sizes look for a future path towards Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), MRV is making it easier for them to accelerate service creation with a more intelligent network. “We have seen incredible global demand from CSPs for a highly scalable and open service delivery solution. MRV is transforming service delivery infrastructure in order to help our customers better meet the demands of today’s marketplace,” states John Golub, vice president of global product line management for MRV Communications. “The Pro-Vision platform continues to evolve and offers the most innovative tools available as our customers migrate from best-effort performance to SLA-assured, application-driven services.” MRV also announced it has joined the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) and is participating in the European Telecommunications Standards Institute’s (ETSI) Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Industry Specification Group. The company’s participation reflects its strategic roadmap towards network virtualization and software-driven services that will help carriers, data centers and content delivery providers achieve a more intelligent network, reduce OPEX and deliver high-value, revenue-generating services easier and faster.

Ciena introduces WaveLogic Photonics capabilities. Ciena (CIEN) unveiled WaveLogic Photonics, new line intelligence capabilities that significantly improve visibility, control and programmability of packet optical networks. With Ciena coherent optics, flexible optical line elements and embedded and discrete software tools, WaveLogic Photonics gives service providers the ability to leverage software programmability at greater scale to transform their network from a fixed asset that provides commodity connectivity to one that is automated for faster service responsiveness and differentiation. As the next step in Ciena’s OPN architecture evolution, WaveLogic Photonics builds upon the intelligence already found in Ciena’s WaveLogic coherent optics across the entire optical line system. Product enhancements include expanded control plan capabilities, smart Raman, and PinPoint fiber analytic software. “Wavelogic Photonics is another step in realizing our OPN network architecture vision, which is designed to make networks more responsive to business needs," said Steve Alexander, Chief Technology Officer at Ciena. "As networks become strategic application-responsive assets, an intelligent, agile optical layer is vital to achieving the necessary flexibility to support changing network demands. WaveLogic Photonics enables network operators to reliably shift their operating model from just ‘configuring’ to actually ‘programming’ the network in real-time– increasing service velocity while eliminating the potential for manual errors and the cumbersome tracking processes that plague networking today. It also allows operators to easily view their network assets and program them to automatically respond to service requests and intelligently route packet services across the network.”

Vello launches Precision Application Networking software. Vello Systems announced Precision Application Networking (PAN) software powering a new class of open, standards-based optical networking switches that will fundamentally change how network architectures are designed and deployed. The new standards-based PAN-powered solutions are a dramatic departure from today’s conventional large, expensive and power-hungry proprietary chassis-based optical systems. The PAN-powered hardware is currently being designed and developed by OEMs and the first systems are expected to be commercially available in the second quarter of 2014. “Our vision is fundamentally to bring the application to the network and gradually replace significant network functions, such as routing, security and application workload management in ways that are mapped to business value,” said Karl May, CEO of Vello Systems. “Our Precision Application Networking software unleashes a new class of data center optical networking device that reduces network complexity, enables networks to securely and intuitively adapt to user preferences in real-time and makes existing hardware more efficient and versatile. These are attributes that our software is already delivering for leading organizations worldwide, including cloud service innovator Pacnet and top-tier financial services companies. Optical router bypass based on the targeted needs of users and applications is now a reality.”

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