More Towns Seeking Data Centers

Data centers have become a hot topic in economic development, with more towns and cities seeking to attract facilities.

Rich Miller

April 9, 2007

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Data centers have become a hot topic in economic development. The latest indicator of this comes from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, which notes that the data center industry is "so hot a sector these days that there are actually consultants specializing in helping communities attract server farms." An excerpt:

The Yakima County Development Association, operating as New Vision, reports that consulting firm AngelouEconomics, based in Austin, Texas, will spend two days in the area in late April evaluating it as a potential site for data centers. "Our goal is to learn how well our real estate and infrastructure is prepared for data centers, but we also hope that Angelou finds a couple properties that are ready for some of his corporate clients," says New Vision President Dave McFadden.

We recently noted a similar interest in data center development in small markets in Wisconsin and Wyoming. Specialized site location consultants are nothing new. But it's good to see more local economic development agencies gettin religion about marketing to data center operators. But not every town or city that wants a data center project will get one. Or should.

Relevant links: Yakima County Development Association, Angelou Economics.

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