HP's Big Data Platform Haven Gets Better at Languages

Latest release features enhanced speech-recognition and language identification chops, wider variety of digestible data types

Jason Verge

March 30, 2015

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HP's Big Data Platform Haven Gets Better at Languages
A sign is posted outside of the Hewlett-Packard headquarters in Palo Alto, California. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

HP has updated its big data platform Haven with new analytics and predictive capabilities. The platform is tuned for enterprises with lots of data and lots of different kinds of data, and the update expands the amount of things users can do with it.

The release expands variety of data that can be ingested and analyzed through a new connector framework. It also exposes relationships and connections in diverse data via a new Knowledge Graphing feature and features better speech-recognition and language-identification capabilities.

Haven is a bundle of HP analytics, hardware, and services, with some components of the platform available on-demand as of late last year. The company announced its big data platform in 2013, Haven becoming an umbrella name for multiple technologies.

The new connector framework brings analytics for both unstructured and structured data, combining context-aware unstructured data analytics of HP IDOL with SQL-based analytics capabilities of HP Vertica.

Some examples of enterprise cloud and data sources include Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Oracle, and SAP enterprise applications and cloud services like Box, Salesforce.com, and Google Drive. Vertica also works with major Hadoop distributions.

The Knowledge Graphing feature analyzes valuable relationships and connections in your data. It enables advanced and contextually aware semantic search within diverse data sources such as social media content feeds.

Nittingham Trent University in the U.K., a university with 28,000 students, used Haven to proactive identify underperforming students so the university can intervene before a problem develops.

“With HP Haven’s unified design platform and industry-leading predictive analytics capabilities, NTU estimates their tutors are able to intervene six to eight weeks earlier than without the big data solution,” Howard Hall, group managing director of DTP Group, an HP partner, said in a statement. “Our tutors have said the system has resulted in positive changes in workgroup interaction.”

Speech-to-text and language identification capabilities work with over 20 languages. The company said this is powered by advanced deep neural network technology and is the result of tens of thousands of hours of audio sampling via the self-learning neural network.

Other upgrades include Targeted Query Response and IDOL Search Optimizer. Targeted Query Response helps refine and customize search results based on specific sets of criteria, while Search Optimizer is for understanding the types of searches being conducted by users and gauging the quality of results returned.

“Businesses can reap the full power of enterprise data and big data computing across virtually any data type, from free-text-based document search to high-resolution broadcast video surveillance analytics,” Jeff Veis, a vice president of marketing at HP, said in a press release. “Further, with the HP Haven Big Data Platform, they don’t have to rely on specialized data scientists and costly, complex integration projects to do so.”

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