Hortonworks, Talend Strengthen Stream Data Analytics

Talend adds support for Apache Storm to improve real-time stream data ingestion and processing

Jason Verge

January 14, 2015

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Hortonworks founders
All members of Hortonworks founding team used to work on Hadoop and MapReduce development and deployment at Yahoo prior to 2011.Hortonworks)

Data integration solutions provider Talend has strengthened its partnership with Hadoop distribution provider Hortonworks. The latest Apache Hadoop extension Apache Storm is now supported in Talend 5.6.

Talend and Hortonworks engineers jointly integrated the Hortonworks Data Platform and Talend in order to make it easier to run data integration workloads natively within HDP.

Apache Storm will boost ability to perform distributed, real-time mining of high volumes of stream data. It was originally developed for Twitter, to help it handle hundreds of millions of tweets per day. If this (as the pundits have predicted) is the year of the Internet of Things, it’s likely that Storm will be a big assist in handling all the potential data generated by connected devices.

“The introduction of Storm addresses the rise of the Internet of Things data types that are coming off of machines and sensors,” said John Kreisa, vice president of strategic marketing at Hortonworks. “These are amongst that fastest growing data types across a range of industries like manufacturing and telecommunications, and Talend users will be able to more easily integrate these data types into their big data platforms like the Hortonworks Data Platform.”

The partnership has been deepened around ingesting stream data. Besides IoT, other examples include financial transactions and web click-streams.

Properly leveraging data in real time can be a huge competitive advantage. “There are pockets of smaller companies who are doing some disruptive things to compete with first adopters,” said Jack Jack Norris, chief marketing officer for MapR. MapR, one of Hortonworks' main competitors, was an early supporter of the Storm project, which was packaged into the MapR Hadoop distribution in December. Norris said the ability to automatically make adjustments on the fly and acting immediately on incoming data was a huge advantage.

Talend and Hortonworks have been working together since 2011, when Hortonworks was founded, and Talend is a Hortonworks Certified Technology Partner. "We've been working together ever since and are aligned around making it easier for customers to take advantage of big data," said Kreisa. "With this new integration there is even more potential for customers to succeed with their big data projects."

“With faster data integration solutions such as Talend 5.6 and Apache Storm, users can run their analytics more quickly for real-time decision making, helping them achieve competitive advantages that they just weren’t able to do before,” said Ashley Stirrup, chief marketing officer, Talend.

Talend raised $40 million in 2013. It tackles integration problems that come with Big Data efforts. Talend's software generates native Hadoop code and runs data transformations directly inside Hadoop.

Hortonworks held an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in December in a strong debut. The company recently acquired XA Secure, a developer of security and governance tools, in a bid to strengthen security of the platform.

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