Do You Know the Real Cost of Your Data Center?

While high-level metrics like volume of storage or PUE play a role, real cost drivers are hidden deeper

Yevgeniy Sverdlik

March 2, 2016

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Do You Know the Real Cost of Your Data Center?
Microsoft’s cloud server blades on display at the Open Compute Summit in San Jose, California, in March 2015 (Photo: Yevgeniy Sverdlik)

When data center operators examine data center cost, they generally look at high-level metrics, such as gigabytes of storage or Power Usage Effectiveness. These do matter of course, but to get to the real cost, you have to zero in on lower-level components.

Do you know how much the flash drives on your servers cost? How about the CPUs or DRAM cards? A different vendor supplies each one of those components, and they make a big difference in total cost of ownership of every data center.

Web-scale data center operators like Google and Facebook learned this lesson long ago. For years, they have been re-examining each individual component of their IT gear, looking for ways to get it cheaper.

Enterprise data center operators can apply that wisdom too. One of the featured keynote speakers at the Data Center World Global conference in Las Vegas later this month is Amir Michael, a long-time web-scale infrastructure veteran, who spent years examining data center cost at both Google and Facebook.

In his session, Michael, CEO and co-founder of the analytics-driven data center management software startup Coolan, will examine each component of total data center cost, including power, facility, network, CPU, DRAM, flash, and hard drives, and share which of those components make the biggest difference in overall cost.

Join Coolan’s Amir Michael and 1,300 of your peers at Data Center World Global 2016, March 14-18, in Las Vegas, NV, for a real-world, “get it done” approach to converging efficiency, resiliency and agility for data center leadership in the digital enterprise. More details on the Data Center World website.

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