Datagram Expands to Higher Ground at Intergate.Manhattan

New York hosting provider Datagram has expanded into space at Intergate.Manhattan, the new high-rise data center from Sabey Data Centers, the company said today.

Rich Miller

October 22, 2013

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Datagram Expands to Higher Ground at Intergate.Manhattan




Hosting provider Datagram has opened data center space within Intergate. Manhattan, the new high-rise data center redeveloped by Sabey Corp. (Photo: Sabey)


New York hosting provider Datagram has expanded into space at Intergate.Manhattan, the new high-rise data center from Sabey Data Centers, the company said today.

Datagram was one of the companies hit hardest by Superstorm Sandy. The storm surge flooded the basements of its primary data center building at 33 Whitehall, knocking that location offline for days (see After Sandy: Datagram Recovers From Apocalyptic Flood). At the time, the company said it would take steps to improve the storm-readiness of its infrastructure, moving critical equipment to higher floors of 33 Whitehall and adding a second location in lower Manhattan.

Just under a year later, Datagram has completed commissioning its new Tier III space on the upper floors at Intergate.Manhattan at 375 Pearl Street. Datagram’s power will be delivered from four separate utility services with diverse points of entry into the building. The data center has N+1 redundancy built throughout the power supply chain, starting from the transfer switches, down to the uninterruptible power systems, power distribution units, generators and fuel farm systems. Datagram will use hot aisle containment to support high-density workloads of up to 20kW per cabinet.

“For twenty years Datagram has leveraged innovative technologies in order to improve and expand on the services we offer,” said Alex Reppen, CEO & Founder of Datagram. “Our customers expect us to be on the cutting edge of technology, and this expansion allows us to do just that.”

Upgraded Infrastructure at 375 Pearl

The building at 375 Pearl Street was developed in 1975 as a Verizon telecom switching hub and later served as a back office facility. Sabey acquired the property in 2011 and has redeveloped the building from the ground up, updating the power and mechanical infrastructure to support high-density hosting as well as traditional telecom use.

“We want to take full advantage of the infrastructure at 375 Pearl St,” added Mohammad Soliman, COO of Datagram. “We’re building a 24x7 Network Operations Center and extending our fully meshed dark fiber backbone into the building, there’s nothing we can’t offer at this new facility.”

Intergate.Manhattan came through Superstorm Sandy without any issues. The basement level at 375 Pearl remains more than a dozen feet above the high water mark seen during Sandy, but said Sabey is taking no chances and has equipped the basement-level fuel depot with submersible pumps.

Datagram has begun its build into 375 Pearl St and expects to be fully operational by end of the year. This expansion marks the company’s fourth data center location in Manhattan, with additional facilities in New Jersey, Connecticut and California.

Sabey Data Centers now operates 3 million square feet of data center space as part of a larger 5.3 million square foot portfolio of owned and managed commercial real estate. The company has developed a national fiber network to connect its East Coast operations with its campuses in Washington state, where it is the largest provider of hydro-powered facilities. Sabey’s data center properties include the huge Intergate.East and Intergate.West developments in the Seattle suburb of Tukwila, the Intergate.Columbia project in Wenatchee and Intergate.Quincy.

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